Meryl Streep Was the Comfortable Choice, and That's Why She Won

Okay, so the Oscars happened — or, as I've taken to calling them, Hollywood Gets One of Its Ribs Removed So It Can Suck Its Own Dick for Eight Hours: The Movie — and, as you've probably heard, they were very, very dull. Wet paint was bored. String cheese had to go lie down. If you opted to spend your evening watching… »2/27/12 1:30pm2/27/12 1:30pm

Just Because an Actress Is Black Doesn't Mean She Was in The Help

Yvette Nicole Brown and Sherri Shepherd were on Watch What Happens Live last night, and Andy Cohen took a call from a viewer named Ashley, in Milwaukee. Ashley said to Yvette, "I'm so proud of you, by the way... What was it like working on the movie The Help?" Uh, whoops. There was a nanosecond of silence. "Oh!"… »1/23/12 10:40am1/23/12 10:40am

The Cast Of 'The Help' Needs Some Sartorial Assistance

Most of the women who showed up for last night's premiere of The Help were a mess. »8/10/11 12:35pm8/10/11 12:35pm

Look, I'm in my ninth month of pregnancy, so I empathize with Bryce Dallas Howard. I really do. It's hard to not look like a large round area. But there to be a peasant dress out there that doesn't make one actually look like a…