Presidential Campaign Interrupts Hillary Clinton's Hamptons Vacation

Hillary Clinton had planned to spend the last two weeks of August in the Hamptons. But! Next week, she is going to have to take a quick jaunt across the Midwest. You know what they say about the campaign trail: it stretches all the way from Montauk to Des Moines. »8/23/15 2:45pm8/23/15 2:45pm

The Story Of a 'Professional Pretty Girl': A Hero's Tale

A young philosopher by the name of Alicia Keys described the great city of New York as a "concrete jungle where dreams are made of." Confusing grammar aside, she was right. New York is the place to make your greatest dreams come true. And for a certain group of young women, that dream is to be invited to the Hamptons. »7/21/14 3:00pm7/21/14 3:00pm