Female Bikers Use Instagram to Connect and Inspire Each Other 

Through the power of social media, more and more female motorcyclists are connecting and joining each other on rides. The Guardian reports an influx of women riders finding others of their ilk through social channels such as Instagram. These women are also starting cool motorcycle collectives throughout the country,… »8/16/15 7:00pm8/16/15 7:00pm


Man Whose Wife Is Too Scared to Blow Him Begs for Advice

Oral copulation is not for everyone. Some people love it (like one date I had who told me he just wanted to "slurp on dicks all day" while we were sitting in the middle of a casual dining establishment) and some, like the wife who refuses even after her husband promised never to come in her mouth, don't. And people… »10/06/14 6:40pm10/06/14 6:40pm

Guardian Writer Gets Lambasted Over Insensitive Crowdfunding Column

Earlier this week, British musician Devonté Hynes lost all his belongings when a fire broke out in his apartment. Even more tragically, the fire killed his beloved dog Cupid. Seeking a way to help, the mother of his girlfriend Samantha Urbani (of the band Friends) started a Go Fund Me that has raised over $24,000 from… »12/19/13 3:50pm12/19/13 3:50pm

In the unlikely event that we ever get laid more than once, by the same man, ever again......

Let's say you finally got that no good pulse-with-a-penis you've been living with the last ten years to agree to marry you. How would you feel if he then decided to ask your father's permission? Would you feel all warmy and gooey because you're a girly girl and you have ten stuffed animals on your bed at the age of… »2/21/07 5:57am2/21/07 5:57am