Swing Vote Premiere Portends Bad Things For Film Itself

I can't help feeling that when your premiere wattage is Gary Busey and Dane Cook, a film's not in good shape, and so it was last night for the Hollywood premiere of the blatant Kevin Costner-Kelsey Grammer cash-in Swing Vote, »7/25/08 10:30am7/25/08 10:30am I felt so bad for them all, in fact, that rather than sending Paula Abdul and Mary Hart and…

Tinseltown Got Glittery And Gay For Elton John's Oscar Party

Despite the majority of Oscar party cancellations in light of the seemingly un-ending (and now ended) WGA strike, Elton John's long-running, star-studded fete was in full swing last night. Many of this year's nominees and winners dropped by, as did others, including Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, Courtney Love,… »2/25/08 3:30pm2/25/08 3:30pm