I'm a Golden Girls Superfan, and You Should Be, Too

The Golden Girls, a sitcom that aired on NBC from 1985 to 1992, is currently on American television—specifically the cable channel Hallmark—three hours every weekday. At six episodes a day, you could watch the entire series in about six weeks, at which point Hallmark would pop in the disc one of their complete series… »9/18/15 1:00pm9/18/15 1:00pm


The Golden Girls Prepare For Valentine's Day, Buy Condoms

One Valentine's Day, Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche all decided to book a romantic cruise with their respective boyfriends. They went to the store to pick up some odds and ends and decided to practice safe sex and get some condoms as well. (Probs just to protect from diseases, seeing as how they they most likely had all… »2/14/08 7:00pm2/14/08 7:00pm