Louis CK Cast A Black Actress As The Mother Of His White Kids And Everyone's Bugging

Louis CK, continuing to carve out a niche for himself as Sort Of Genius/the Lethargic Husky Dream Man of men and women across the nation with dark senses of humor and minor clinical depression, was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night fielding questions about his choice to cast a black woman (after valiantly Googling, it… »6/27/12 9:00am6/27/12 9:00am


Erykah Badu to Flaming Lips Frontman: 'Kiss My Glittery Ass'

An audible gasp could be heard across the internet last week when the Flaming Lips released the very NSFW video for "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," the band's collaboration with Erykah Badu. The video features a demurely naked Badu and, more strikingly, gratuitous shots of Badu's sister Nayrok covered in gold… »6/07/12 4:50pm6/07/12 4:50pm

Watch the Kardashians Gleefully Butcher Notorious B.I.G's ‘Hypnotize’

Even those who couldn't give two fucks about the music of Notorious B.I.G will find reason to be offended by the Kardashian klan's krazy music clip remake of "Hypnotize." Shooting what looks to be the ultimate home video version of Awkward Family Photos while on holiday in the Dominican Republic, watch as Kim, … »6/04/12 9:00am6/04/12 9:00am

The Flaming Lips Release New Songs Inside Gummy Fetus

The latest release from The Flaming Lips isn't available for purchase as a CD, up for download online, or even being sold on vinyl. Three new Lips songs are being released inside of an almost life-sized gummy fetus with a USB drive shoved inside of it. Progressive, gross, or just plain weird? And why do rock stars… »7/26/11 6:02pm7/26/11 6:02pm