Naomi Campbell Explains How The Face Will Be Different From ANTM, Which…

When a TV show does really well, the copycats pop up. Just as Pop Idol/American Idol begat The Voice, so has Amerca's Next Top Model inspired The Face, which debuts next week. Tyra Banks turned ANTM into a global phenomenon: There are Top Model programs in 170 countries. So what does The Face have that ANTM doesn't?… » 2/07/13 1:40pm 2/07/13 1:40pm

Coco Rocha Will Pull a Tyra and Coach Up-and-Coming Models on TV

Coco Rocha has announced that she is officially the third coach on the new model search show The Face . The two other coaches are Naomi Campbell and Karolina Kurkova; Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker will serve as the host. Expect this to be a more serious take than ANTM; Coco says: "As mentors to the girls, we… » 7/26/12 12:30pm 7/26/12 12:30pm

Will New Rupert Murdoch Luxury Mag Dare To Be "Frank"?

Rupert Murdoch is launching another ladymag! And we're kind of excited. (As you may know, Rupert's first foray into this market happened last fall with the launch of Page Six Magazine, a weekly that, depending on your point of view, is either depressingly, apocalypse usher-innningly dumbed-down — or about as smart as… » 1/29/08 12:30pm 1/29/08 12:30pm