Badassery Defeats Enlightenment At The Box Office

I guess this fan-made "call to arms" trailer worked: Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables won the box office on Friday, taking in $13 million dollars—$5 million more than the second place finisher, Julia Roberts' Eat, Pray, Love. [EW] » 8/15/10 11:30am 8/15/10 11:30am

Short Guy Stallone Has Made Sure He's The Tallest Dude In At Least One…

Even though he is only 5'9" in real life, he looks only slightly shorter than 6'4" Dolph Lundgren in this poster for The Expendables! Guess that's the benefit of being the writer, director and star of the flick. » 8/02/10 10:43am 8/02/10 10:43am

The Expendables Throws Down The Gauntlet

Oooh, ladies, watch out! This (unofficial/fake?) Expendables trailer goes out of its way to "fight back" against Julia Roberts and chick flicks everywhere. Basically this film is so manly that merely thinking about it will engorge penises and destroy vaginas. » 7/12/10 2:45pm 7/12/10 2:45pm