Here's One Crazy Reason Scientists Hate Dr. Oz

Because he's a fraud. There I said it. They hate him because he's a fraud and when his advice is checked, it turns out that it's complete bullshit and that chewing saffron extract will do jack all to make you a leaner, meaner sex machine. Is anyone else surprised? » 12/18/14 10:30pm 12/18/14 10:30pm

Watch This Video Demo of a Vaginal Incision If You Want to Scream

One of the most jarring details about childbirth is the controversial practice of episiotomy, a slight cut made in the vagina to ward off tearing. But you haven't experienced real body horror until you've seen this video demonstration, involving scissors and pink construction paper. » 12/20/13 7:15pm 12/20/13 7:15pm

Has This Famous Dentist Secretly Been Stockpiling Celebrity Teeth?

If you've ever watched the show Extreme Makeover or The Doctors, you will recognize this aggressively positive "celebrity dentist." His name is Dr. Bill Dorfman, and in addition to making over people on television, he also has a dental practice in LA where he treats actual famous people. Or, should we say, he USED to… » 4/04/12 11:55pm 4/04/12 11:55pm

That Hickey Just Might Kill You, Young Lady

The Doctors have shared a scary story of a New Zealand woman was given a hickey, had a stroke, and died. But don't worry! Less than one percent of the population have the genetic predisposition that weakens arteries enough to kill you from that amount of sucking. The doctor-experts were baffled that people are still… » 8/05/11 9:45am 8/05/11 9:45am

Your Aging, Deflated Vagina Is Like A Hamburger

Today The Doctors spoke about the problem women apparently have as they get older: Your special bits suffer from sagging, deflation, and, uh, gravity. Lucky for us, they had a spare burger leftover from lunch to use as a prop, and presented a lesson on how to "revolumize the labia." Thanks, guys. » 6/30/11 6:45pm 6/30/11 6:45pm

10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, "poop transplant" is a real medical procedure involving human feces, Long Island Lolita Amy Fisher gets a new face, and Bam Margera opens up for the first time since his friend Ryan Dunn's death. » 6/24/11 5:40pm 6/24/11 5:40pm

This week, explained a new potential solution to diarrhea: A poop…

They Ran Out Of Ideas Today On The Doctors

What a coincidence! Just one day after we posted an exhaustive and comprehensive post titled How To Make An Emergency Maxi-Pad, gynecologist Lisa Masterson from that show The Doctors demonstrated her "special little trick," for making a pad in an emergency. This does indeed feel familiar to us. We're glad we could… » 6/21/11 6:10pm 6/21/11 6:10pm

10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, we learn Coco's measurements, discover that vaginas come in different shapes and realize that Billy Bush is — surprise! — kind of an asshole. » 6/17/11 5:00pm 6/17/11 5:00pm

In case you were wondering, she's 39.5, 24, 40. Ice-T follows this up by appropriately quoting Sir Mix-a-Lot. It's…

Reality Bites

A guy from Minneapolis is suing CBS for broadcasting clips of his penis surgery and tricking him into discussing his peen on The Doctors. He also claims they read a fake letter describing his bumpy member. [MediaBistro] » 3/05/10 10:20am 3/05/10 10:20am

The Doctors Differentiate Between Blackheads And Pimples

Dr. Will Kirby (aka "the evil doctor" who won Big Brother 2) visited The Doctors today to talk about — and extract — open comedos... otherwise known as blackheads. » 4/07/09 4:30pm 4/07/09 4:30pm

The ABCs Of Female Ejaculation

Today on The Doctors, female ejaculation was addressed, and the panel of medical professionals explained that what exactly the fluid is that some women experience during orgasm, and where it comes from. » 3/31/09 2:00pm 3/31/09 2:00pm

Want Better Orgasms? Doctors Recommend Clit Pump, Nasal Spray

This morning, The Doctors discussed different methods and hormones that can be utilized to intensify women's orgasms. One is a clit pump, the other is a nasal spray that shoots a hormone into the brain. » 2/17/09 11:00am 2/17/09 11:00am

Backstreet Boy's Son Suffers From Kawasaki Syndrome

Brian Littrell, member of the Backstreet Boys, was on The Doctors today to discuss his 6-year-old son Baylee's battle with Kawasaki Syndrome. Baylee said it was "the worstest day of my whole entire life." » 1/22/09 12:00pm 1/22/09 12:00pm

Do Women Really Need A $200 Compact To Carry Around Condoms?

Today, the talk show The Doctors encouraged women to carry around condoms, which is great. But are we really so afraid of appearing promiscuous that we should invest in a pricey product to do so? » 1/13/09 11:00am 1/13/09 11:00am