The Daily Show Reminds You That Everyone Dies in the Story of Noah

The movie Noah has stirred up all kinds of hubbub over whether it's "Biblically accurate" or a godless Hollywood perversion of the almighty word of God. However, The Daily Show makes a good point: It would appear some critics aren't going off the King James or New International versions, but rather their rosy memories of … » 4/09/14 11:40am 4/09/14 11:40am

Daily Show Mocks Princeton Mom with a Dating Site for Kindergarteners

"Princeton Mom" Susan Patton has been everywhere lately spouting her controversial (if "controversial" = laughably old-timey) views about how young women should be focusing less on their careers and more on nailing down eligible bachelors and earning their MRS. » 3/28/14 2:00pm 3/28/14 2:00pm

Did Anita Hill Make Your Work Life Better? Yes, Yes She Did.

Like Angela Davis before her, Anita Hill was not trying to become a symbol for any movement. But existing in the shadows wasn’t her path once she was subpoenaed in 1991 to testify against then-Supreme Court Justice nominee Clarence Thomas about his penchant for sexual harassment. » 3/14/14 4:00pm 3/14/14 4:00pm

Samantha Bee Gets a Federally Funded Penis Pump Stuck to her Face

One of the most repeated shouting points against Obamacare's birth control mandate comes from politicians on the right who claim that "their" tax dollars shouldn't go to support "sexual choices" of women who use whore pills. Meanwhile, the same politicians are eerily silent about the millions of dollars per year the… » 3/13/14 1:50pm 3/13/14 1:50pm

The Daily Show Takedown of Civil War History Revisionists Is Fantastic

Courageous outlier/former New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano isn't afraid to voice unpopular opinions no matter how factually inaccurate they are. The Fox News senior judicial analyst recently expressed some pretty out there (and entirely ignorant) thoughts on Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War,… » 2/25/14 5:15pm 2/25/14 5:15pm

Jessica Williams Has Advice For Black Teens: Never Leave The House

Last night, Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams reflected on how, in light of the Michael Dunn verdict, black teens can protect themselves from getting shot to death by scared white guys — don't leave your house, have friends, or listen to music. This rant is so good, Williams ended it with a mic drop. As well… » 2/19/14 4:15pm 2/19/14 4:15pm

Here's Jon Stewart's Excellent Rundown of the Many Disasters of Sochi

Thus far, the 2014 Olympic Games have been dominated by talk not of the incredible physical prowess on display from athletes around the world, but of the many failures of host city Sochi, Russia. Unsafe arena conditions, Bob Costas' eye infection, stray dogs crashing the opening ceremonies, hotels with construction so… » 2/11/14 3:00pm 2/11/14 3:00pm

This Man Thinks the 'Mentally Retarded' Would Gladly Work for $2/Hour

The discussions surrounding raising the minimum wage always bring out the best in people, don't they? Take financial commentator Peter Schiff, for example. Sam Bee of The Daily Show sat down with him recently to discuss strikes amongst fast food workers and he brought up some very interesting (and compassionate!)… » 1/29/14 5:10pm 1/29/14 5:10pm

Jon Stewart and New York City Hilariously Beg Sean Hannity Not to Move

Oh, no! Conservative talk show host Sean Hannity doesn't feel welcome in his home state after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stated that those who are "right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay" no longer are welcome here and now Hannity is threatening to move to Florida or Texas! What will the people of New York do?… » 1/28/14 6:40pm 1/28/14 6:40pm

Jon Stewart Painfully Embraces the Official Feminization of America

If you're a woman, you've likely already heard the good news (it should have arrived in a tiny folded up note that appears magically inside your own vagina). Thanks to recent events, we run all the shit now! Car companies? Run by ladies. The military? Boom. Women. The federal chair? He is now a she. It's our world,… » 1/17/14 1:35pm 1/17/14 1:35pm

'Feeling Black All the Time' Stresses Jessica Williams Out

In light of all the hubbub and hullabaloo around the addition three black women to SNL — two writers and one cast member — folks have been reaching out to The Daily Show's fantastic Jessica Williams to get her thoughts on her life and career as a black women in comedy. And, per usual, Williams' two cents are solid… » 1/09/14 5:15pm 1/09/14 5:15pm

The Daily Show's Tearful Goodbye to John Oliver Is Hilariously Perfect

Oh, nooooooo. Last night was John Oliver's last ever episode of The Daily Show before he moves on to create his own topical comedy series for HBO. What heartbreaking news! We LOVE John Oliver! But also, what happy news! We love John Oliver aaaand we're happy to see his success grow and grow and grow and never stop… » 12/20/13 11:10am 12/20/13 11:10am

Idiot Wants to Abolish Food Stamps Because No One Is THAT Hungry

Have you ever met a person who says something so backwards that you have to double check to make sure they even knew what they said? Meet Forbes columnist John Tamny, who told Jessica Williams of The Daily Show that he'd abolish food stamps and create something like food stamps all in the same interview. » 12/18/13 4:45pm 12/18/13 4:45pm

Jon Stewart's Megyn Kelly Takedown Is So, So Good

Fox News sure is determined to fight this War on Christmas, huh? Currently on the front lines, we have Gretchen Carlson who is just furious about a Festivus pole that's on display at the Florida State Capitol (as someone whose non-religious family never really celebrated Christmas when I was growing up, I am thrilled… » 12/13/13 11:30am 12/13/13 11:30am

Jon Stewart Goes After the 'War on Christmas' Bullshit

Strengthen your barricades, ration your goods, and enlist your sons and daughters because there's a war on! Not a real war, but a war on Christmas, you see! Still, it's just as important (no, it's not) and deserves to be taken just as seriously (no, it doesn't) as any real invasion. I mean, the "War on Christmas"… » 12/04/13 3:00pm 12/04/13 3:00pm