Samantha Bee On the Vanity Fair Photo Shoot She Was Excluded From

In September, Vanity Fair ran a story in which 10 male late-night hosts were featured and referred to as, “all of the titans of late night television.” As expected, the internet blew up at the lack of women in the portrait, especially the absence of one particular fixture from late night TV. Samantha Bee, a longtime… »10/13/15 9:30pm10/13/15 9:30pm


The Daily Show Wonders 'How Are Republicans Pro-Life and Pro-Guns?'

On Monday night, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah parsed how far-right Republicans are simultaneously pro-life and pro-guns. How can one be so upset about when life begins but so blasé about when it ends by doing little to restrict access to dangerous weapons? It boggles the mind! »10/06/15 1:45pm10/06/15 1:45pm

Trevor Noah's Debut on The Daily Show Felt Good, Didn't It

Trevor Noah did solidly swell in his debut as host of The Daily Show on Monday night. As with anyone inheriting a TV show for the first time, there were moderate levels of awkwardness, nervous adjustment and self-awareness. Appropriately, though, Noah started by extending gratitude to his predecessor, who bequeathed… »9/29/15 10:15am9/29/15 10:15am

Women Are 'More Powerful' in Comedy, Argues Male Comedian Trevor Noah

Perhaps you stumbled across a new and conspicuous Vanity Fair spread today. You know, the one featuring a photograph of all of the current late-night television hosts. You might even have noticed a striking similarity uniting said hosts. If you look closely, you’ll see that—I know this is a surprise—they’re ALL male!… »9/14/15 9:15pm9/14/15 9:15pm

Trevor Noah's Ass Takes Over Jon Stewart's Seat in Daily Show Promo

Hello, here’s a teaser for Trevor Noah’s upcoming gig hosting The Daily Show. It’s a beautiful slow motion promo soundtracked by Kanye West’s “Power.” The Trevor Noah era is upon us starting on September 28, when he officially inherits the desk of Jon Stewart. “Same chair, different ass,” according to the promo. »8/18/15 2:00pm8/18/15 2:00pm

Jessica Williams Would Rather See Women Get Money Than Be On Money

Last night, the Daily Show and Jessica Williams tackled the addition of a woman (TBD) to the $10, which she calls not a giant leap so much as an “awkward trip forward on a jagged sidewalk that you pretended you did on purpose.” You see, the Treasury is redesigning it because it was due for an anti-counterfeiting… »6/25/15 9:30am6/25/15 9:30am

Men of The Daily Show Jizz In Their Pants Over Trump Presidential Bid

Jon Stewart only has a few weeks remaining in his tenure as host of The Daily Show. But an old friend will be there to help ease the transition: Donald Trump, who ought to stick around the presidential race just long enough for a few goodbye segments at the expense of good old Fuckface von Clownstick. »6/17/15 10:10am6/17/15 10:10am

Protests Arise Over Police Assault of Black Teens in McKinney, TX

On Monday night, people in McKinney, Texas took to the streets to protest Corporal Eric Casebolt, a police officer who brandished his gun at a pool party and waved it at some teens while sitting on the back of a black girl. Literally. As a result, he’s been suspended—but not fired. Noted, Texas. »6/09/15 10:50am6/09/15 10:50am

John Hodgman Pays Tribute to Jon Stewart's Incomparable Wordsmithery 

Jon Stewart’s last Daily Show will be August 6, and in the leadup we’re probably going to be subjected to endless takes about how he Shaped America’s Discourse. The Daily Show itself wasted no time mocking that trend, with this touching tribute from John Hodgman, which they promise will be the first in a series. »6/05/15 3:10pm6/05/15 3:10pm

Melissa McCarthy Makes Daily Show Appearance in a Jon Stewart Dress

If you’re like me, you’re saving up all of your tears like cathartic candy for the last airing of The Daily Show this summer. But if you’re like Melissa McCarthy, you’ve made your mourning a sartorial statement. On Wednesday, the Spy actress showed up to her Daily Show interview in a kimono made of Stewart’s mug like… »6/04/15 11:10am6/04/15 11:10am

The Daily Show Lampoons Jeb Bush's Iraq War Tapdance

This week Jeb Bush forgot that when you’re running for president, even secretly, you must distance yourself from the last guy’s mistakes, even if that guy’s your brother whose name is George and his mistake was invading Iraq. On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart tackled Jeb (pronounced Heb) and his struggles in the best way… »5/15/15 10:10am5/15/15 10:10am

Kristen Schaal Explains Why 'Women Are Lining Up at the Dadbod Buffet'

We’re still mourning the loss of Samantha Bee on The Daily Show, but Kristen Schaal is thankfully still around, and she dropped by Tuesday night’s episode to talk about how great it is that “dadbod” is a thing. “Show off how your looks are not what society values most in you!” she said, commanding Jon Stewart to twirl… »5/13/15 9:30am5/13/15 9:30am