'Russian Women With Shitloads of Flowers' Is the Best Instagram Trend

As far as stupefying instagram trends go, Russian Women With Many Flowers (read in my mother's accent please) is not particularly funny or offensive. It's just really fucking awesome. And also really entertaining. And, according to The Cut, it's been going on for over two years. » 7/16/14 8:30pm 7/16/14 8:30pm

Yael Kohen Examines Actresses' Extreme Weight Fluctuation For Roles

Yael Kohen is the author of We Killed, a recent oral history of the double standards leveled on female comics. Kohen has an interesting piece on The Cut today about the fascination/accolades for celebrities who drastically change their bodies for a role—and how it is particularly significant in the case of A-list… » 2/23/13 5:30pm 2/23/13 5:30pm

‘Every Single Woman in America Is Now Curvy’ — and That’s a Good Thing

There's a smart, funny read on The Cut right now that gives the overuse of the word "curvy" as a descriptor for All Types of Women a good talking-to. Lauren Bans takes on the fashion and entertainment media's exhaustive use of the term in all situations involving females, citing loads of examples, and shows how, when… » 12/12/12 4:30pm 12/12/12 4:30pm

Material Girl Builds Brand; Martin + Osa To Close

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