Guess What, Everyone? The Vatican Haaaated J.K. Rowling’s New Book

I think we'd all like to believe that, sitting next to a reading lamp and swaddled in his Holy Snuggie somewhere deep inside the Vatican's intestinal labyrinths, Pope Benedict Palpatine Vader XVI read The Casual Vacancy with a mounting sense of disappointment that Harry Potter didn't make at least a cameo appearance.… »11/04/12 6:01pm11/04/12 6:01pm


J.K. Rowling Will Now Be Making Her Long-Awaited Return to Children’s Books

Just like how Michael Jordan played baseball competently and then came back to play basketball superbly, J.K. Rowling will be re-entering the children's fiction least for one book. The Casual Vacancy may have coasted to a big debut, selling 124,603 copies or ten times the next-highest debut, but J.K.… »10/07/12 1:30pm10/07/12 1:30pm