James Deen Diplomatically Explains Lindsay Lohan's Horrid Attitude: 'She Has a Unique Way of Communicating'

Porn star and baby panda James Deen has been talking a lot about his experience shooting The Canyons with Lindsay Lohan, and the more he talks, the more we realize that it was kind of a fucking nightmare, but he had fun, because he's a good sport. And he tries, he really does, to give LL the benefit of the doubt. For…

Watch Lindsay Lohan Act Like She Can't Find Her Cell Phone in This Moving Clip From The Canyons

Nope, this is not documentary footage, though one could imagine that, like many of us, Lindsay Lohan often wakes up, bleary-eyed, extensions mussed, and immediately reaches for her iPhone. But since there's a shot of Jezecrush James Deen sleeping peacefully, we know that this is, in fact, a scene from the upcoming…

Three Weeks With Lindsay Lohan or, Why LiLo's a Delusional Asshole Who'll Never Legitimately Work Again

After a disastrous half-decade, 2012 seemed like it could be Lindsay Lohan's year. It wasn't. Why does she keep hitting road bumps (or, in her case, other cars on the Pacific Coast Highway) that hinder her success at being a normal working actress? A lengthy new profile of the three weeks she worked on The Canyons

Tara Reid Hospitalized In France, The Dude is En Route With Ransom Money For Her Safe Return

It's just been announced that a few days ago Bunny Lebowski was brought to the hospital in Nice, France with a case of acute pancreatitis—and, according to her Twitter, a Jet Ski-related back injury. She will have to remain in the hospital until she's fully recovered, but her condition isn't life-threatening. Up until…