Trump Says The Bible Is 'the Best,' and He Likes It Even More Than Art of the Deal 

Animate funnel cake Donald Trump is using all of his considerable charms to woo evangelical voters. Lately, he’s achieving that by whipping out what he says is a Bible his mother gave him and just sort of showing it to people. He has one. He definitely has a Bible and he certainly reads it. You bet.

New Angie Stone Vid Stars Gary Dourdan, Is Based on Ruth (of The Bible)

This is kind of a lot! Angie Stone is appearing in a new TV One film entitled For the Love of Ruth, which is based on the biblical story of Ruth, but modernized; Stone plays a “kindhearted advisor at a woman’s shelter.” I’m no Bible expert, despite my mom’s best efforts, so the main thing you need to know is that For…

A Chat with Chipo Chung, AD: The Bible Continues' Mary Magdalene

Obviously, I have razzed AD: SECOND HELPINGS OF BIBLE quite a bit. But if there’s one thing that’s worth highlighting about show, it’s the diverse cast. Hollywood’s still churning out absurd whitewashed spectacles like Exodus: Gods and Men, and yet AD, a network television miniseries, managed to assemble a more…