George Clooney's Ex Says They Had A 'Father-Daughter' Relationship

George Clooney's former girlfriend Elisabeth Canalis is offering some new insight into their relationship—just what the world has been longing for! But seriously, she actually had some nice things to say about her former beau of two years, the world's sexiest salt-and-pepper serial monogamist, calling him "One of the… » 10/30/11 11:00am 10/30/11 11:00am

Debra Messing Drops Baby Weight; Clooney & Jackman Fake Fight

In order to quench readers' insatiable thirst for gossip, we've decided to try an evening edition of the much-beloved Dirt Bag. Now you won't have to wait for morning to find out the latest celebrity news. Welcome to the swirling, sleazy disco ball of "Dirt Bag After Dark". 18 to enter and 21 to drink, ladies! » 11/25/08 6:00pm 11/25/08 6:00pm

Amy Winehouse & Husband: Splitsville

  • Amy Winehouse and Blake Formerly Incarcerated: Dunzo. He's left her for a German model; she's admitted that it was never going to last and that they were "only together for sex." Keep in mind that this report comes from a terribly disreputable paper. [News Of The World, Page Six]
  • By the by, Blake Fielder-Civil's jail…
  • » 11/24/08 9:00am 11/24/08 9:00am

Mark David Chapman Denied Parole • Saudi Activist Speaks Out Against…

John Lennon's murderer, Mark David Chapman, was been denied parole for the fifth time because the parole board believes that he still remains a threat to public safety. • A new video promoting Mary-Kate Olsen on the cover of British Elle documents a recycled photoshoot and a startlet's recycled responses. • Single,… » 8/12/08 5:30pm 8/12/08 5:30pm

The Hilary Duff Credit Card: Great For Separating Girls From Their…

Usher, Hilary Duff, Elvis Presley and KISS are among the celebrities who have branded credit cards. Hilary's is a prepaid Visa gift card, said to help teach tweens about managing money. When you use Elvis' Platinum Plus Visa card, a percentage goes to a charity benefiting homeless families. But seriously, why does… » 11/12/07 1:00pm 11/12/07 1:00pm