Juan Pablo Is Really Set on Sticking It to The Bachelor

As we learned during Monday's finale of The Bachelor, Juan Pablo might like Nikki "a lot," he just didn't want to give Chris Harrison and American the satisfaction of knowing that he loved her. But as his social media presence and a sickeningly sweet YouTube video posted Wednesday prove, he really, really does. » 3/12/14 5:30pm 3/12/14 5:30pm

A Courtroom of Assholes: Juan Pablo vs. The Bachelor

"The controversy around Juan Pablo is unlike anything we've ever seen before," host Chris Harrison said at the beginning of Monday night's Bachelor finale, before wondering aloud whether Juan Pablo was "actually here to find love in the first place." Juan Pablo was there "to find love" – he just didn't find the love the show … » 3/11/14 11:30am 3/11/14 11:30am

The Season Finale of The Bachelor Means No More Juan Pablo Commercials

Since we last wrote about Bachelor Juan Pablo's foray into local advertising, Juan Pablo has starred in four more commercials for Rochester Appliance, the Rochester, New York based appliance store. The last commercial is a dull but very appropriate way to say goodbye to a man we've grown quite weary of. » 3/10/14 7:00pm 3/10/14 7:00pm

The Women of The Bachelor Tell All: They Hate the Bachelor

Chris Harrison really enjoys speaking in hyperbole, but it was easy to believe him when he said that Monday night's "Women Tell All" episode of The Bachelor was "unlike" any he had ever hosted before. Why? Because for once, all the women had banded together to hate the Bachelor, not each other. » 3/04/14 2:30pm 3/04/14 2:30pm

Let's Be Real: Chris Harrison Is the One True Star of The Bachelor

To say that Chris Harrison has emerged as The Bachelor's breakout star implies that there was a time in which he wasn't. Which is sort of false: as the host of the show, he's more visible than any star or contestant has ever been. That being said, he's gotten more and more attention during the ten-plus years he's… » 2/28/14 3:45pm 2/28/14 3:45pm

Bachelor Juan Pablo Is Seriously Trying to Sell You a Refrigerator

The lovable sassy blonde hoodlum known as Juan Pablo isn't just making women squeal on The Bachelor. He's been tapped to star in commercials for Rochester Appliance, an Upstate New York-based store that sells washers, dryers, refrigerators – you name it, they've got it, even a hunk of blonde Venezuelan man meat. » 2/21/14 3:45pm 2/21/14 3:45pm

Farewell to Sharleen, the Most Revolutionary Bachelor Contestant Ever

"What is Sharleen?" Clare, a woman who is still in the running to become the chosen person of Bachelor Juan Pablo, asked Monday night. The answer is surprisingly simple: Sharleen is one of the most revolutionary Bachelor contestants to have ever chosen to attend this televised jaunt from polygamy to monogamy. » 2/18/14 1:45pm 2/18/14 1:45pm

Everyone Hates Bachelor Juan Pablo

On Monday night's episode of The Bachelor, a lovely young woman named Clare had a sultry 4 am rendezvous in the ocean with Bachelor extraordinaire Juan Pablo. Unfortunately for Clare, the waves of joy she experienced were as the short-lived as the positive sentiment surrounding her chosen mate has been. » 2/04/14 6:00pm 2/04/14 6:00pm

Jimmy Fallon Has Audience Member Throw Hot Dogs in Juan Pablo's Mouth

Jimmy Fallon didn't invent the game Hot Dog in a Hole as a reference to Bachelor Juan Pablo's recent homophobic comments. But it would be a weird coincidence if the show's producers didn't purposefully set it up as the game one of his audience members would randomly choose for "Darts of Insanity" on Wednesday night's… » 1/23/14 1:30pm 1/23/14 1:30pm

The Bachelor Thinks Gays Are 'More Pervert', Shouldn't Be on Show

» 1/18/14 5:27pm 1/18/14 5:27pm

The Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis, has stated that he would be against a gay man being the star of the show because it would be difficult for the children to understand. Because that is who is watching the bachelor. Toddlers. Listen, Juan Pablo, if there is a three-year-old watching you hand out roses and go on awkward … » 1/18/14 5:27pm 1/18/14 5:27pm

How to Build the Perfect Bachelor Contestant

¡HOLA! Season 1000 of The Bachelor starring Latin Lover Juan Pablo begins this week in a two-night extravaganza of love, loss, self-tanner and Forever 21 dresses. This year's batch of women are beautiful, special snowflakes who are perfect in their own individual way. No, that's a lie: I crunched the numbers and they're … » 1/06/14 11:30am 1/06/14 11:30am

Twitter Hoax: Reality TV Producer Depicts Imaginary Woman as Terrible

Many people got a chuckle out of the "epic" note passing war on a Thanksgiving flight between Bachelor producer Elan Gale and a rude woman named Diane. It all played out on Gale's Twitter (and was quickly picked up by BuzzFeed): When a self-centered woman pitched a fit about delays to flight attendants, Gale sent her a… » 12/03/13 10:40am 12/03/13 10:40am

What The World Needs Now: 'The (Gay) Bachelor' With George Takei

As an ashamed devotee of ABC's The Bachelor franchise, I've seen my share of humor videos parodying the show. And I'm happy to report that this one — featuring such gay boyfriends as George Takei, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Lance Bass — is the best one yet. In fact, if The (Gay) Bachelor were a real show, I'd watch the… » 11/18/13 1:50pm 11/18/13 1:50pm

Bachelor Host Releases Dating App Because We Definitely Need More

In our continual pledge to make sure Chris Harrison, host of The Bachelor and all its spin-offs, becomes the most relevant person on planet Earth, we encourage you to please sign up for his new dating service At First Sight, which is totally different than all those other dating apps because it uses video. » 6/19/13 2:45pm 6/19/13 2:45pm

Katie Couric Interviews the 'Bad Girls Club' of The Bachelor

Today on Katie Couric's aptly named daytime talk show Katie, Couric interviewed three women of The Bachelor she deemed "the bad girls" of the show, Erica Rose (season 9 with the prince), Vienna Girardi (season 14, Jake Pavelka) and Courtney Robertson (season 16, Ben), to see how good it feels to be baddd. Spoiler: two… » 6/17/13 8:30pm 6/17/13 8:30pm

Is America Ready for a Black Bachelorette? (Yes) (Duh)

For those of you not keeping count, every single one of the eight bachelorettes on ABC's ode to dysfunctional dating, The Bachelorette, have been white. Given the racially unbalanced state of affairs in entertainment, it's not that hard to believe — but it's still a real fucking bummer. And before anyone says boo about … » 2/27/13 11:35am 2/27/13 11:35am