Why Are People Still Hung Up on Height in Relationships?

We're all aware that men are slightly taller than women, so it should follow that in hetero couples out in the world, you would expect men to be taller, on average, than their female companions. That's true. But it turns out that it's more than just true by chance, it's also true by choice. Culturally, we've taken an… »1/28/13 6:30pm1/28/13 6:30pm


Finally, Someone Says It: Hookup Culture Is Good For Women

When we talk about "hookup culture" — the oft-lamented outcome of the sexual revolution, scourge of our era, and sole reason why 7-year-old girls can now purchase padded bikini tops at Abercrombie & Fitch — we almost always talk about everything women have lost since the good ol' days when women were protected by… »8/24/12 7:15pm8/24/12 7:15pm

Big Brother Is Watching You: The New Wave of Weight-Loss Apps

The Atlantic's June cover story, "The Perfected Self," is about how infamous Harvard psychologist B. F. Skinner, who became an industry scapegoat for his much-maligned "fascist and manipulative" behavior modification theory (which is, in a nutshell, that "gentle, punishment-free behavior-modification techniques could… »5/24/12 11:50am5/24/12 11:50am

New TV Show Focuses On How You're Going To Be Alone Forever

In a recent issue of The Atlantic, Kate Bolick argues that the marriage is an ever-evolving social relationship and that, due to social and economic factors that are changing the ways that men and women behave, marriage is becoming less and less appealing to educated American women. Men are becoming less attractive as… »11/08/11 6:20pm11/08/11 6:20pm

"Investing" In Your Closet Not Recommended By Actual Investment Experts

If you've opened a women's magazine recently, then you probably know what's in this season. "Investment" fashion! For the new economy, editors and luxury advertisers have been throwing around terms like "value," "quality," "green," "key pieces" and "timeless" as though they had some, well, timeless meaning. »5/20/09 5:00pm5/20/09 5:00pm

Pregnant Woman Rebuts Abortion Blogger, Makes Ultimate Sacrifice By Avoiding Starbucks For Baby

Things seem to be tumbling along with our abortion blogging buddy »8/26/08 1:20pm8/26/08 1:20pm at "What To Expect When You're Aborting." She craves pickles, and is suffering from "swelly ouchy titties." Her surgical abortion is planned for this week, and I'm sure we'll hear a level-headed yet gallows humor-filled take on it. However, some…

Memo To Hillary Clinton: You Should Have Done The Sexism Speech

The Atlantic »8/12/08 10:00am8/12/08 10:00am's new issue has out today, focusing on a number of Hillary Clinton insiders' memos and e-mails which paint her campaign at least as dysfunctional as you suspected and probably more so. Even author Joshua Green was amazed at how much paper he was given to wade through, saying "paranoid dysfunction breeds…

Awesome British Lass Gives Women's Magazines Her Best Left Hook

We love to complain that the greatest crime perpetuated by women's magazine editors that they publish the old same crap under different covers month after month, year after year. Well, yesterday, we were directed to a website, Faking Good Breeding, on which a Smith College coed posted an excerpt from "What Every Woman… »2/20/08 4:00pm2/20/08 4:00pm

Did you know that women can make themselves orgasm...just by thinking about dirty thoughts?

Did you know that women can make themselves orgasm...just by thinking about dirty thoughts? Well you can, and dudes cannot! Sucks to be them! A brain scientist recently "measured autonomic and brain activity during orgasms that women have produced by thought alone. During the thought orgasms, the magnitude of the… »2/13/08 3:20pm2/13/08 3:20pm