A Terrible Look Into the Sleazy, Rapey Modeling World of the 1980s

Let me confess something to you. I was a male model in the 1980s. I know what you're thinking— I look way too young for that. First of all thank you, that's very flattering. Second of all, it's crazy— the twists and turns life brings. Back when I was young, looking at my dad's GQs and dreaming of modeling in… »3/20/12 7:50pm3/20/12 7:50pm


The New Urban Outfitters: I Want To Sell You This Skirt But My Dog Just Died

Urban Outfitters confounds us. Its new catalog is full of some vibrant, cool, fun, colorful things we sort of want to buy. The problem? Much of it is being modeled by absolutely miserable 15-year-olds. Also? We love the '80s. Love them! [Some of us, that is. -Ed.] We love George Michael and Madonna's "Lucky Star" and… »7/19/07 4:20pm7/19/07 4:20pm