After 50 Years of Silence, Manufacturer Apologizes For The Whole Thalidomide Thing

Gruenenthal Group, the company that distributed thalidomide (referred to as Contergan in the manufacturers' native Germany), has finally said "our bad" to those affected by the in-utero use of the drug. Infamously, mothers in the 1950s and '60s who took it for morning sickness during pregnancy often gave birth to… »9/01/12 1:30pm9/01/12 1:30pm

Splenda And Several Other Products That Could Potentially Murder Your Insides

I was on JetBlue yesterday morning without headphones, but CNN was on the TV and the following question (or a reasonable facsimile) flashed across the screen: Is Splenda bad for your health? And I silently mouthed "NOOOOOO!" Not my favorite calorie-free sweetener! Then I read about it in today's New York Times »9/23/08 4:30pm9/23/08 4:30pm, and…