Macy's Teams With Thalia: Retailers Still Trying to Crack Latina Code

About eight years ago, mainstream companies suddenly realized that there are a lot of Latinas in the United States and oh my god, we actually buy shit. Though we are a vast and deeply complicated bunch who cannot be easily enticed—more complex than a Rubik's Cube or Sudoku—marketers continue to attempt to crack the… » 1/20/15 12:30pm 1/20/15 12:30pm

Actress Reportedly Had Ribs Removed, Posted a Photo of Them in a Jar

Thalia, a Mexican superstar, recently revealed that she had her ribs surgically removed to make her waist appear thinner and that she keeps the ribs in a jar as a souvenir. She shared a picture of said jar on Instagram. » 8/13/14 12:20pm 8/13/14 12:20pm

Mexican Superstar Sued By Pharmaceutical Company After Getting Pregnant

The Mexican press is reporting that a pharmaceutical company is suing megastar Thalia for breach of contract, apparently because she got pregnant during a period she was supposed to be endorsing their creams. » 9/02/11 2:00pm 9/02/11 2:00pm

New Yorkers Get Seriously Chic (For The Children)

The 10th annual New Yorkers for Children fall gala at Cipriani 42nd Street brought out Mary J., Joy Bryant, Maggie Rizer, half the Social Register - and one of the best looks of the year. » 9/23/09 10:40am 9/23/09 10:40am

Is Britney Spears Actually Getting It Together?