Texting While Driving Isn’t Just Stupid Behavior, It’s an Epidemic

Bird flu. Spanish flu. SARS. Zombification. Smallpox. These diseases strike fear into the hearts of hypochondriac humans everywhere, as well they should. We live on an overcrowded planet teeming with drug-resistant bacteria, unwitting biological terrorists like Gwyneth Paltrow in Contagion, and a CDC that, let’s… »5/05/13 2:30pm5/05/13 2:30pm


It Is Your God-Given Right As An American To Text While You Drive

People have been joking for year that women will do whatever Oprah tells us to, but recently this has been thoroughly disproven. Mercifully, sequined Uggs never became America's "favorite thing," we refused en masse to even locate the OWN Network on our cable lineup, and now, despite Oprah's demand that we only text… »12/09/11 9:50am12/09/11 9:50am

School Bus Driver Arrested For Sending 1,000 Texts While On The Road

Connecticut school bus driver Evelyn Guzman was arrested this week for allegedly sending and receiving 1,068 test messages during work in about one month. Video shows Guzman texting while driving students, and she's been charged with risk of injury to a minor and reckless endangerment. This sort of charming behavior… »3/18/11 9:25am3/18/11 9:25am