Group Texts Are Better Than a High School Reunion

Society loves to argue whether technology is a good or bad influence on how we humans communicate. It’s not always comfortable to be squeezed together between words, especially when cyber-bullying is so easy to execute from the comfort of a keyboard, but in some ways all this digital closeness is better than sex. Why?… » 3/21/14 1:10pm 3/21/14 1:10pm

Inevitably Disgusting Sexts From the Racist 'Sleepless in Austin' Dude

Hey, remember this guy? The one who posted a hilariously specific list of stringent requirements for his ideal (super hot and DEFINITELY NOT BLACK) girlfriend? Well, I'm sorry to inform you that he's back. And this time, we've got sexts. » 10/10/13 1:00pm 10/10/13 1:00pm

Dating Sucked Before Text Messages. Now It's Even Worse.

Everyone thinks love times were simpler in past eras, when you got married to the first guy you looked at the second you turned 16 after exactly three dates, one side-long glance, and an accidental hand-brush. But if Jane Austen has taught us anything, it's that it has never been simple to like a person, not even once, … » 10/03/13 1:10pm 10/03/13 1:10pm

Shitty Art Gallery Displays Dick Pics Without Men's Knowledge

An art gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn will be dropping trou on a brand new exhibition this weekend: a treasury of dick pics, many of which were obtained under false pretenses, and all of which are being showcased without consent. Gentle readers, I know I say this a lot, but this time I mean it, hard: I hate this. » 8/20/13 2:10pm 8/20/13 2:10pm

Uncomfortable Unsolicited Texts from a Stranger: 'I Find You Stunning'

Dudes. DUDES. If you're concerned that you may be overstepping boundaries by doing something creepy — like, say, texting a reporter you don't know to tell her she's distractingly hot — ask yourself whether you'd attach your name to the deed. Not willing to stand by your Nice Guy compliments, however well-intentioned… » 8/06/13 4:30pm 8/06/13 4:30pm

Clingy Millennials Are Texting Their Moms

Not content to leave all those trend pieces to its rival the Grey Lady, the Wall Street Journal joins us this week to let the world know that millennials like to text and Gchat with their moms, especially while at work. Click out of this box and get over to your email to send this link to the woman that birthed you… » 7/31/13 3:00pm 7/31/13 3:00pm

The Most Amazing Wedding Text Message Fight of Our Time

Allow me to paint you a picture. Imagine you're asked to attend the wedding of a former colleague, and suppose you say yes. Instead of giving a more traditional wedding gift, you decide to go rogue by curating your own gift baskets filled with culinary delights like marshmallow fluff and Jolly Ranchers. You attach a… » 6/20/13 11:20am 6/20/13 11:20am

All That Technology in Bed Is Stressing the Sleep Out of You

In 2011, the National Sleep Foundation polled over 1,500 Americans and found that ninety-five percent of respondents used some form of technology in the hour before bed. That's not great, especially considering new research suggesting that all that time you spend reading Wikipedia's Unusual Deaths page in the comfort… » 5/30/13 10:00am 5/30/13 10:00am

Texting While Driving Isn’t Just Stupid Behavior, It’s an Epidemic

Bird flu. Spanish flu. SARS. Zombification. Smallpox. These diseases strike fear into the hearts of hypochondriac humans everywhere, as well they should. We live on an overcrowded planet teeming with drug-resistant bacteria, unwitting biological terrorists like Gwyneth Paltrow in Contagion, and a CDC that, let’s be… » 5/05/13 2:30pm 5/05/13 2:30pm

Turns Out Texts About Abducted Children are Super Annoying

The next time you wake up in a cold sweat after a terrifying nightmare about being kidnapped, it might not be the fault of your crazy neuroses/reading too many inappropriate thrillers as a child. A new national Amber Alert system rolled out earlier this month to millions of cell phones around the country, and the kinks … » 2/01/13 10:00am 2/01/13 10:00am

Private School Teacher Fired for ‘Inappropriate’ Texting with Female…

A Philadelphia private school may have quite the legal mess on its hands after Arthur "Chuck" Matthews, a former math teacher at the school, filed a racial-discrimination suit claiming that he was fired from Springside Chestnut Hill Academy without cause. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Matthews was terminated… » 1/06/13 2:30pm 1/06/13 2:30pm