Lawyer Says 11-Year-Old Gang Rape Victim Was a 'Spider' Luring Men Into Web

We cover a lot of depressing stuff on this site: rape, anti-abortion laws, more rape, etc. But this article on a defense attorney who likened an 11-year-old survivor of gang rape to a conniving spider who lured her rapists into a web might actually be the most soul-suckingly disheartening story I've ever read. »11/28/12 5:00pm11/28/12 5:00pm


Gag Order Issued In Texas Gang Rape Case, But Response Remains Twisted

The shoddy manner in which the New York Times and other media outlets covered the horrifying story of an 11-year-old girl allegedly being gang raped in Cleveland, Texas, has prompted a judge to issue a gag order that bars investigators, witnesses, and attorneys from speaking to the media. Not that that necessarily… »3/16/11 11:10am3/16/11 11:10am