The Supreme Court Is Trying to Kill Us

The Supreme Court begins its fall term today, and it’s already shaping up to be a doozy. Its docket includes public employee unions, affirmative action, the death penalty, and—oh, hell, why not?— probably abortion and birth control, too. While all of these are politically contentious issues with the potential to shape… »10/05/15 11:37amMonday 11:37am

Sarah Palin: Ahmed Mohamed Is a Terrorist, Probably, Or at Least 'Obstinate' 

While much of the world is charmed by and sympathetic towards Ahmed Mohamed, the Texas ninth-grader handcuffed at school for the crime of building a clock, the Palin family would like you to know they are not amused. Both Bristol Palin and now Mama Bear Sarah have weighed in to say, roughly: “That dang thing looks… »9/21/15 9:10am9/21/15 9:10am

Elementary School Newsletter Shows Different Curriculum For Boys and Girls

A newsletter sent to parents of grade school students in Texas showed very different curricula scheduled for the boys and girls. During a monthly class with the guidance counselor at Borchardt Elementary School, boys in the fourth and fifth grade would be learning about subjects pertaining to “college and career… »9/17/15 9:00pm9/17/15 9:00pm

CNN Has an Interesting Take on the Arrest of a 14-Year-Old Clockmaking Boy

Wednesday morning, Texas ninth grader Ahmed Mohamed brought a homemade clock to school to show to his teachers. However, an English teacher thought it was a bomb and Mohamed was arrested shortly after. Since then, Mohamed has been invited to the White House, Facebook, Google, and multiple universities for being such a… »9/16/15 5:20pm9/16/15 5:20pm

No Charges for Ahmed Mohamed As He's Invited to Facebook HQ and the White House 

Today is turning around nicely for Ahmed Mohamed, the ninth grader in Irving, Texas arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school. President Obama and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, among other people, would like to hang out with him. Also, in a move that may be related to all this publicity, Irving police have… »9/16/15 2:35pm9/16/15 2:35pm

Texas School Has Child Named Ahmed Arrested for Bringing a Homemade Clock to School

A ninth-grader in North Texas was handcuffed and taken to juvenile detention on Monday after bringing a homemade clock to school. Ahmed Mohamed, 14, told the Dallas Morning News that the school principal told him the device looked like “a movie bomb,” even as he repeatedly explained it was a clock.
»9/16/15 9:15am9/16/15 9:15am

New Texas Law Will Make it Slightly Easier to Pump Breast Milk at Work

Starting Tuesday, a new Texas law will require that public employees to be given breaks to pump breast milk at work, and that they can’t be fired or disciplined for taking the time to pump. The law benefits public employees like teachers, one of whom told the Texas Observer that she’s had to pump standing up in her… »9/01/15 6:40pm9/01/15 6:40pm

Here's How New Texas Public School Textbooks Write About Slavery

In 2010, the Texas Board of Education approved a revised social studies curriculum that, wrote The New York Times that year, would “put a conservative stamp on history” once going into effect in 2015. In advance of their debut in Texas classrooms last week, it was widely reported that the new textbooks, published by… »9/01/15 10:30am9/01/15 10:30am

Man Accused of Killing Ex, Her Husband, 6 Kids: She Wasn't a Good Parent

David Ray Conley, who Houston police say has confessed to murdering his ex-girlfriend, her husband, and six children (including his own son), has tried out a novel defense—telling a local radio station that his ex was raising his children to be “monsters” and “disrespectful.” Conley also insisted he loved his own son… »8/12/15 12:30pm8/12/15 12:30pm

Cops Forcibly Search Woman's Vagina After Smelling Weed in Her Car

On June 21, 2015, Charnesia Corley, a 21-year-old black woman from Houston, Texas, was pulled over by a Harris County Sheriff’s deputy after allegedly running a stop sign. The deputy claimed he smelled marijuana on Corley, and subsequently cuffed her and put her in the back of his patrol car while he searched her… »8/10/15 5:40pm8/10/15 5:40pm

Texas Judge Orders Man to Marry His Girlfriend or Go to Jail

A judge must have been thinking about his future as an internet celebrity when he gave a man a very difficult choice: either marry his girlfriend or go to jail for hitting her ex. “Is she worth it?” Judge Randall Rogers asked the reluctant groom before letting him know that it was either forced matrimonial bliss or 15… »8/07/15 12:10pm8/07/15 12:10pm