Texas Republican Launches and Quickly Folds 'Boats N' Hoes' Super PAC

A high-level employee at a prominent Texas firm that has provided consulting services to some prominent Republicans in the Lone Star State will be closing his Boats N' Hoes Super PAC this week, after people found out about it. This is a dark day in both the world of boats and the world of hoes. And in the candidacy of… » 4/17/14 5:30pm 4/17/14 5:30pm

Police Chief on Jaywalking Arrest: At Least No One's Getting Assaulted

» 2/22/14 5:52pm 2/22/14 5:52pm

Earlier this week, a woman in Austin, Texas was arrested for not providing identification after she was stopped by police for jaywalking near the UT campus. And when video of the arrest hit youtube, people were not happy. In fact, citizens were so ill-pleased that Austin's Police Chief Art Acevedo made a statement… » 2/22/14 5:52pm 2/22/14 5:52pm

Wendy Davis Is More Moderate on Abortion than We Thought

Wendy Davis may not be the face of the pro-choice movement that we thought she was. While she did filibuster for 13 hours last year to kill an omnibus abortion bill in the Texas State Senate, she now says that in principle she would've supported a 20-week abortion ban, but that the specific legislation went too far. » 2/13/14 6:00pm 2/13/14 6:00pm

A Bunch of Pro-Lifers Are Trying to Boycott Girl Scout Cookies

Pro-lifers are mad that maybe, possibly, someone at the Girl Scouts of the USA could've conceivably obliquely hinted that Wendy Davis isn't literally Satan. Consequently, a Texas pro-life group is attempting to rally the pitchforks for a boycott of Girl Scout cookies. Attempting to punish a bunch of 10-year-olds over… » 1/30/14 6:00pm 1/30/14 6:00pm

Meet The Woman Who Walked On A Wire Between Two Speeding Trucks

It's actually called "highlining" and while it may look completely nuts to you and me, it's an extreme sport popular with lots of adrenaline junkies. (You may know it best from the documentary about Philippe Petit called Man on Wire). A woman named Faith Dickey from Texas—pause for WOO-HOO HOME STATE break—holds a record … » 1/30/14 1:40pm 1/30/14 1:40pm

Texas Hospital Finally Pulls the Plug on Brain-Dead Pregnant Woman

A two-month saga ended today in Fort Worth, Texas when a hospital deactivated the ventilator that was keeping a brain-dead pregnant woman alive. Officials at John Peter Smith Hopsital did so on the order of a judge, who sided with the woman's family. » 1/26/14 3:28pm 1/26/14 3:28pm

Texas Woman Forced to Stay on Life Support Likely Has Nonviable Fetus

The fetus of a woman in Texas who is being forced to stay on life support so she can serve as an incubator thanks to an obscure and wholly stupid state law is likely unviable and severely abnormal, according to a recent lawsuit filed to force doctors to remove her from life support. » 1/24/14 9:40am 1/24/14 9:40am