Appeals Court Declares Wisconsin Anti-Abortion Law Unconstitutional

Good news, for now and for once: a federal appeals court has struck down a Wisconsin law requiring physicians who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. The measure has “nonexistent” medical benefits, the court found, and would create illegal, undue barriers to abortion access. »Tuesday 10:40am11/24/15 10:40am


Report: 'Adorable' Drug Kingpin's Father Is a DEA Agent 

In early November, a 19-year-old Texas woman named Sarah Furay was arrested while allegedly toting an eye-popping array of pharmaceuticals. Several news stories referred to the woman, Sarah Furay, as “adorable.” While apologizing for that word choice, Death and Taxes has also uncovered the less-adorable fact that… »Monday 7:10pm11/23/15 7:10pm

America's Shittiest States Begin Formally Barring Syrian Refugees [UPDATED]

Gov. Robert Bentley of Alabama and Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas have both released statements claiming that their shitty states will not welcome Syrian refugees following the mid-November ISIS attacks on Paris, France. (Neither governor noted similar concern over the similar terrorist attacks in Beirut.) »11/16/15 2:10pm11/16/15 2:10pm

This Session of the Supreme Court Could Determine Abortion Access for Generations

Amy Hagstrom Miller is used to fielding frantic phone calls. She’s been working in abortion care since 1989; in 2003 she founded Whole Woman’s Health, a group of clinics in five states that provide gynecological care and abortions. In Texas, Whole Woman’s hotline is getting one particular call in particular, over and… »11/11/15 4:20pm11/11/15 4:20pm

Girl Kicked Out of Cheerleading Team Because of Her Curly Hair

A cheerleader in Texas was removed from her team for failing to straighten her naturally curly locks. The team’s leaders said her hair was fine for practice, but it would need to be straightened and styled in a high ponytail for competitions. “It was bad because half of it was curl and half of it wasn’t,” said… »11/08/15 7:30pm11/08/15 7:30pm

Austin Police Chief Essentially Congratulates His Cops for Not Raping a Woman 

On Thursday morning, Austin police attempted to stop a young woman jogging near the University of Texas campus after she crossed against the light. The young woman, who had headphones on, did not hear the police as they yelled at her to stop, so they reacted in the most measured of ways. Texas Monthly reports: »11/08/15 2:15pm11/08/15 2:15pm

What Happens When Inmates Go From 'The Box' to Release? They Come Back.

USA Today’s Kevin Johnson has followed the lives of nine inmates who were all released from solitary confinement on the same day in 2002. All of the men were felons, Texans, and while all of them hoped to remain out of prison, none of them were given a transition period between “the box” and the street. Now, 13 years… »11/05/15 6:40pm11/05/15 6:40pm

Houston-Area Detective: 12-Year-old Raped By Stranger in Public Bathroom 'Wasn't All That Unwilling' 

Houston-area police are looking for a man who raped a 12-year-old girl in a CVS bathroom on October 16. While conveying that information to the media, a detective on the case said the victim “was not necessarily all that unwilling.” That rumbling you hear is a shitstorm brewing. »11/04/15 10:20am11/04/15 10:20am

Now Texas Is Subpoenaing the Records of Abortion Patients Who Donated Fetal Tissue

It’s all been leading up to this: investigators with Texas’ Health and Human Services Commission are asking for Medicaid patient records from Planned Parenthood clinics in San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas, seeking information on women who made fetal tissue donations. The demand letter was sent the same day state… »10/23/15 1:50pm10/23/15 1:50pm

Texas Cuts Planned Parenthood Out of Medicaid Program Over Sting Videos 

Texas’ Health & Human Services Commission announced Monday that it will terminate the Medicaid contracts for all Planned Parenthood clinics in the state. The move, which will definitely be challenged in court, would cut off thousands of poor women from preventive care like Well Woman exams, HIV tests and birth control. »10/19/15 5:25pm10/19/15 5:25pm

Judge Rules That Texas Can Deny Birth Certificates to Immigrants' Children 

Today in terrible news out of Texas: U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman has denied an injunction sought by immigrant families seeking birth certificates for their children after the state refused to recognize foreign-issued passports and other documentation as acceptable forms of parental identification. »10/17/15 11:15am10/17/15 11:15am

The Supreme Court Is Trying to Kill Us

The Supreme Court begins its fall term today, and it’s already shaping up to be a doozy. Its docket includes public employee unions, affirmative action, the death penalty, and—oh, hell, why not?— probably abortion and birth control, too. While all of these are politically contentious issues with the potential to shape… »10/05/15 11:37am10/05/15 11:37am