Oxford’s Director of Mansplaining: Girls Are Too Risk-Averse on Exams

Making gross generalizations is usually a recipe for disaster, and though you might think that the director of admissions at Oxford University might know better than to make some broad, sweeping pronouncement about how girls’ guts are way more indecisive than boys’ guts, you’d be wrong, prey to the very same sort of… »8/18/13 4:30pm8/18/13 4:30pm

Standardized Test for High School Students Confounds Adults in Rhode Island

Thanks to the persuasive powers of the Providence Student Union, a cohort of Rhode Island legislators, city officials, professors, and just plain old people locked themselves in a library for several hours and tortured themselves by taking a standardized test. Fingers cramped. Temples throbbed. Egos crumbled. It was… »3/17/13 5:30pm3/17/13 5:30pm

D.C. Unleashes the Nation’s First Sex Ed Test on Public School Students and They Do Pretty Okay

There are a lot of immature behaviors and credulous misconceptions that people, over the peripatetic course of their childhood and adolescence are bound to outgrow. We hope. For instance, this made up person I know who definitely is not me used to walk around in a bathrobe with his forearms folded over each other… »12/12/12 11:15pm12/12/12 11:15pm

More Colleges Dropping SAT or ACT in Favor of Admissions Requirements That Suck Less

The SAT. What a nightmare. Crammed into a claustrophobic room with other bleary-eyed high school seniors, all stinky with teenage-hormone-sweat and CK One. It's surprising anyone can pass those things, period. I'm pretty sure I wrote my name wrong the first time I took it. Well, it looks like more and more students… »11/30/12 9:30am11/30/12 9:30am