Testosterone Is a Billion-Dollar Industry, and It Might Not Be Safe

Say you're a dude, and you've always loved muscles and jumping, and then you hit 40 and your muscles just aren't as jumpy as they used to be and your jumps aren't as muscly and also your penis seems to have stopped listening to you and begun forging its own path, and you just kind of want to take a nap at what used to… »8/01/14 12:00pm8/01/14 12:00pm

Classifying Severe PMS as a Mental Disorder Screws Women Over

If tired CBS sitcoms and hacky comedians are to be believed, ladies on they periods be crazy (chocolate & cats & wine & crying & Lifetime Original Movies & blanket clutching!). Now, thanks to the publication of the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistics Manuel (the DSM V, for those of us who hate… »10/21/13 12:55pm10/21/13 12:55pm

Middle-Aged Men Are Getting Fat Because They Need More Estrogen

For years, the conventional wisdom has held that men's declining "vitality" in later life—pot bellies, loss of muscle tone, sexual difficulties, etc.—was due to their falling levels of testosterone. But new research indicates that estrogen may play a more prominent role in male development than previously thought.… »9/12/13 6:40pm9/12/13 6:40pm

Science Suggests that Boys Are Born This Way, Like, for Real

Ahhh, nature vs. nurture. The ye oldieste questionne! Are we born this way (nice, mean, fat, gay, smart, aggressive, passive, selfish, Republican, otherkin, whatevs) or are we made this way by the homosensual Kenyan media elite? Or whatever? Well, personally, I make it a point not to give any shits. ON PRINCIPLE.… »11/08/12 3:20pm11/08/12 3:20pm

Sleeping Next to Newborns May Sap Men’s Precious Stores of Man Aura

A study of fathers in the Philippines so hot and fresh that if it were a waffle it would burn a hole into the roof of your mouth and melt all your fillings (you really should have flossed) suggests that new dads who sleep in close proximity to their kids experience temporary decreases in testosterone. Though the study… »9/06/12 2:40pm9/06/12 2:40pm

Promising Male Contraceptive Patch Could Soon Give Men the Freedom to Slut It Up

For so many years, we ladies have benefitted from the freedom that whore pills give us to prance about town and enjoy our vaginas without a care in the world. But, of course, we are selfless creatures, and we've so longed to be able share this joyful hormonal liberation with our male friends. There have been lately… »6/26/12 10:40am6/26/12 10:40am

High Testosterone Turns Women Into Self-Sufficient Masturbation Machines

Dear All The Single Ladies: Have you ever fretted that there's something weird and/or running through your veins that's stopping you from getting a partner? Well, stop worrying! Because there is, and it is making you want to hiss and throw seaweed at anyone who comes near you so that you can go home and wank in… »6/23/12 12:30pm6/23/12 12:30pm

Men Probably Too Hormonal and Moody to be Trusted with Important Financial Decisions

News from the world of science with some pretty grim implications for the global economy as it currently exists: men — rational, level-headed, decisionmaking men — aren't actually very well equipped to handle important financial decisions at all; it's like they're getting the male equivalent of their periods, but all… »6/11/12 1:30pm6/11/12 1:30pm

It's His Immune System That You Actually Want to Sleep With

We've always assumed it was men's sexy faces, toned bodies, and feminist sensibilities that we women lusted after, but it turns out we might just have the hots for their immune systems. A powerful immune system might not sound as enticing as six pack abs, but in the long run it's probably more important. So it makes a… »2/23/12 10:25am2/23/12 10:25am