My Ten Favorite Kinds of Right-Wing Temper Tantrums

I remember how I felt when George W. Bush was reelected in 2004—that pit of absolute unthinkable, desparate despair—and so I guess I should have a little more sympathy for the 150 Million Waaahmbulances of the Apocalypse currently flailing all over Twitter. And, beyond that, I should probably be sad about the overt… » 11/08/12 5:42pm 11/08/12 5:42pm

Supercut Proves That an Adult Throwing a Temper Tantrum Is the Funniest…

Everyone has those few things that make them laugh no matter what. For some, it's a person slipping on a banana peel and, for others, it's seeing a dog dressed up in people clothes. For me, it's watching grown-ups throw temper tantrums. Not only is it a pure expression of the most basic human emotions (you're so… » 8/23/12 5:40pm 8/23/12 5:40pm