Billy Bob Thornton's Master Class Looks Absolutely Riveting

Oprah's Master Class and Oprah's Lifeclass are probably the best shows on OWN. (They are almost identically named and their content is virtually the same but they are not the same.) Why? Because while Master Class and Lifeclass air episodes with visionaries like Maya Angelou sharing their thoughts about Living Your… » 7/17/14 10:00am 7/17/14 10:00am

Does It Matter That The TV Version Of Constantine Is Straight?

This fall is seeing a huge crop of comic-book TV shows, and one of the most promising is Constantine. The trench-coated antihero who copes with the unsavory side of magic is getting a more faithful portrayal. Except he won't smoke. And now we're hearing his sexuality will be toned down too. Does it matter? » 7/14/14 4:29pm 7/14/14 4:29pm

NBC Exec on the Word 'Abortion': We Don't Have an 'Iron-Clad Policy'

Today in gossip about shows you loved in the 90s: In a discussion about how NBC handles abortion on its network, Bob Greenblatt – a former executive at Fox and now head of NBC – revealed that Fox shut down a plot line on Party of Five that would seen Neve Campbell's character Julia have an abortion. » 7/14/14 10:20am 7/14/14 10:20am

New Jersey Meets Alabama in Bravo's Kooky New Show Jersey Belle

Now that noted loudmouth and Bravo TV Golden Girl Bethenny Frankel has slightly fallen from grace, the network has decided to fall back on publicist Jaime Primak Sullivan – she represents Chris Klein and Wayne Brady – for their dose of "unapologetic woman who likes to speak her mind" in their new series Jersey Belle. » 6/09/14 4:40pm 6/09/14 4:40pm

Why The Bechdel Test Is More Important Than You Realize

We all talk about the Bechdel Test all the time, because it's so simple: Does a story have two women who talk to each other, about something other than a man? But almost every time it comes up, we all dismiss it, because it's too simple or too arbitrary. But actually, the Bechdel Test is more important than anyone… » 6/04/14 3:30pm 6/04/14 3:30pm

You Didn't Watch Best Friends Forever, But Watch Playing House

There are certain shows you watch that you know will get cancelled sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, the fear that you're getting attached to a show that will soon disappear sort of taints the experience of watching. For me, that happened with Best Friends Forever, which aired on NBC in 2012. Luckily, creators… » 6/03/14 7:40pm 6/03/14 7:40pm

How are the Duggars dealing with the Gothard sex scandal?

If there is anything that the Duggars love more than tater tot casserole and Aussie Instant Freeze Hairspray, it is the Institute of Basic Life Principles (which is the umbrella organization that runs, among other things, the Advanced Training Institute, providing homeschoolers with a Bible Based curriculum, including… » 5/27/14 8:58pm 5/27/14 8:58pm