Teen Wolf related lolz on Twitter

So after the season 3 finale of Teen Wolf this week, apparently one Jeff B. Davis decided to make the best of being mistaken on Twitter for Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis. He made clear their mistake...then announced he would do a "another brief Q&A for those of you who can't read" and started answering fans' questions.… » 3/29/14 4:06pm 3/29/14 4:06pm

Kanye West's Paparazzi Attack Is Elevated To Felony Attempted Robbery

Mild-mannered Great Neck accountant Kanye West uncharacteristically lost his temper and wrestled a paparazzo outside LAX to the ground after the dude asked 'Ye to talk to him at around 2 in the afternoon yesterday. Late last night, it was announced that the guy was pressing charges — cops decided that he did incur… » 7/20/13 11:30am 7/20/13 11:30am

The Good, the Bad and the Very Ugly Clothes of the MTV Awards

Last night the MTV Video Music Awards were held in Los Angeles, and started early. Apparently this was necessary because the President was speaking and it was also Fashion's Night Out. But it resulted in a fashion photo disaster: Celebrities were all dressed up in the middle of the goddamn afternoon, under the harsh… » 9/07/12 11:40am 9/07/12 11:40am

The Gawker Guide to Summer Television

With so many season finales airing this week, you might think that Americans turn off their TV sets after Memorial Day weekend and only turn it back on again in September. But this is America! All we care about is TV (and food)! Here are some of the new shows—and returning favorites—that will make lying in… » 5/26/11 5:20pm 5/26/11 5:20pm

Teen Wolf Remake Trailer Is A Twilight Ripoff

The teaser trailer for MTV's new Teen Wolf series has leaked, and it's just like the 1985 film! That is, if you remove all the charm of the Michael J. Fox version and turn it into Twilight. » 11/19/10 12:10pm 11/19/10 12:10pm

Werewolves Are The New Vampires

In November, the Buff Werewolf and the Wolf Pack will make for New Moon swoon; MTV is working on a Teen Wolf pilot that's a "fresh take" on the original. Plus! Benicio Del Toro's Wolfman: Coming soon! [The Hollywood Reporter] » 9/01/09 4:30pm 9/01/09 4:30pm