It's Official: HPV Vaccine Doesn't Turn Teens Into Whore Monsters

New research today from the Department of Oh My God Why Does This Study Have To Exist — turns out, vaccinating teenage girls against HPV won't cause them to go from innocent children drawing pictures of flowers with crayons to unstoppable slutzillas. Sort of like how wearing seatbelts doesn't cause car accidents, or… » 10/15/12 11:40am 10/15/12 11:40am

Education-Minded Teen Girls Say Blow Jobs Are Like Homework

There's been a ton of hysteria about all the blowjobs teenagers are allegedly giving and getting these days, but relatively little talk about how teen girls actually feel about giving head. Now a group of researchers has decided to ask them, and the results are kind of disturbing — turns out that for some girls, oral… » 1/18/12 2:25pm 1/18/12 2:25pm

Fickle Teens Are No Longer Interested In Having Sex

Despite the fact that TV shows like Glee are corrupting children by teaching them that it's cool to have protected sex with your long-term partner, according to a new study from the CDC, the number of teens losing their virginity has dropped drastically in the last decade. Unfortunately, the CDC still has no idea why… » 11/16/11 9:50am 11/16/11 9:50am

13-Year-Old Girls Eligible For Contraceptive Shots, And That's Not A…

Medical experts in Scotland have issued new guidelines that suggest girls as young as 13 should consider long-lasting contraceptive options like injections, coils and implants. They claim it will help prevent teen pregnancy. Others fear 13 is too young. » 8/02/10 1:32pm 8/02/10 1:32pm

Lessons Of A Fantasy Sex League: It's Time To Worry About The Boys

Boys at the prestigious Landon school apparently organized a fantasy sex league with points for hooking up with different girls. When boys are acting this way, why are we so focused on girls' attitudes? » 6/10/10 10:00am 6/10/10 10:00am