Teen Mom 2 Is Back: Why Are We Still Watching This Shit?

The sixth season of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 is upon us, disrupting our Thursday nights with the usual turmoil: custody battles, problematic exes, run-ins with the law, souring relationships, and so forth. At this point, the four young stars of the series, who we first met in 2010 on the network’s flagship show 16 & Pregnant, »7/16/15 1:13pm7/16/15 1:13pm

Jenelle Evans Is Pregnant Again, Filming New Season of Teen Mom 2

Troubled Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has confirmed that she's pregnant again, this time with her boyfriend Nathan Griffith—the guy she told cops she was "trying to have sex" with in her Toyota when they were pulled over for erratic driving in September. (Griffith was charged with a DUI and puked in the back of the… »12/12/13 7:45pm12/12/13 7:45pm

'Teen Mom 2' Star Shoots Heroin, Nods Off for Finale

Teen Mom 2 ended on a high note last night only in that it featured troubled star Jenelle Evans so completely doped up that she nods off in her final scene. The episode chronicled the messy aftermath of her mother Barbara's off-camera—and apparently botched—attempt at an intervention, where she entered Jenelle's home… »4/30/13 12:40pm4/30/13 12:40pm

Jenelle Evans Arrested Yet Again, This Time for Heroin and Assault

Jenelle Evans, troubled star of Teen Mom 2, is seemingly working her way up to having enough mugshots to make her own novelty deck of cards. This time around she was arrested for being in possession of a large amount of heroin after the cops were called to her home for an alleged domestic dispute with her husband… »4/23/13 7:15pm4/23/13 7:15pm

Why Do 'Teen Mom' Stars Keep Getting Pregnant?

Kailyn Lowry just announced that she is pregnant again. Meanwhile, Adam Lind—father of Chelsea Houska's daughter and author of the worst text message in the world—has reportedly knocked up another young woman whom he is no longer dating. (Although it would be hard for him to date anyone right now, since he just… »3/26/13 6:00pm3/26/13 6:00pm

Here's the Stupidest Shit Said on the 'Teen Mom 2' Reunion

OK, so we know that these people have made some mistakes in the past, and yes, they're still young—kids, really—but even considering these circumstances, their stupidity seems extraordinary. And this was particularly evident on last night's reunion of Teen Mom 2's third season, filmed about a year ago, which was… »2/12/13 7:10pm2/12/13 7:10pm

Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans Is Pregnant Again. Let's Look Back at Her Year of Bad Choices.

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is thrilled to be pregnant again, posting a photo to her Instagram account of her growing baby bump and tweeting her amusement at being able to breastfeed with implants. The rest of the world is not nearly as happy for the reality star—who has yet to regain custody of her three-year-old son… »1/18/13 4:20pm1/18/13 4:20pm

What's With All the Hair Feathers on 'Teen Mom 2'?

Here's what's seemingly the life trajectory of a typical person who appears on Teen Mom 2: Let some loser cum inside you, take your GED practice test 84 times, get feathers in your hair. Seriously. When I was little, there was this super scuzzy awesome fair that came to my town every summer that had unsafe rides built… »12/27/12 4:40pm12/27/12 4:40pm

You Must Watch This Teen Mom Star's Impassioned Speech About Ke$ha

Jenelle's follies and her mother Barb's reaction to them are the best thing about the entire Teen Mom franchise. Sure, her terrible life choices have very real consequences for her and probably her son and that's sad and all, but it's impossible to watch and listen to the reasoning that goes into said choices and… »11/27/12 5:20pm11/27/12 5:20pm

'Teen Mom 2': Jenelle Is Headed Back to Jail

Jenelle is strung out on weed again and violated the terms of her probation. She faces 45 days in jail and could possibly lose her financial aid for college. We knew this would happen. Not because she's been so open about how much she loves marijuana on national television, but because we read about all of this when… »11/20/12 12:40pm11/20/12 12:40pm

Teen Mom 2 Returns With Outdated Storylines That Happened Over a Year Ago

MTV has released the extended trailer for the third season of Teen Mom 2, which was filmed over a year ago. The problem with documenting these young women's lives for a reality show is that they're now celebrities, so their lives are actually documented in real time through tabloid stories, paparazzi shots, arrest… »10/26/12 12:40pm10/26/12 12:40pm

Jessica Simpson's Baptist Dad Allegedly Has a 20-Year-Old Boyfriend

As is the case with many a dad/manager, I could have told you something was going on with former youth pastor and Baptist minister Joe Simpson. All those icky comments about daughter Jessica's breasts? That DUI he got in Sherman Oaks in August? His divorce from Tina, his wife of 34 years, late last month? Supposedly,… »10/24/12 9:00am10/24/12 9:00am

Porn and Hot Dogs Destroyed Teen Mom 2 Marriage

Last night, on the Teen Mom 2 reunion special, Dr. Drew delved deeper in the problems that eventually broke up the marriage of Leah and Corey. During the season, we learned that Leah had cheated on Corey the week before their wedding because Corey was too tired to have sex with her. In this sit-down, her lack of … »2/29/12 4:00pm2/29/12 4:00pm

Where Do These Teen Moms Find the Time for Sex & Eye Makeup?

Now that I have a kid, I make it a point to not judge other parents, because it's really just the hardest job in the world. So, purely in my desire to understand the situation, I'd like to know where Leah finds the time to do all these things—like get drunk and have an affair—when she has infant twins at home, one… »2/08/12 2:15pm2/08/12 2:15pm