Teddies In Space • Australia Allows Singles & Lesbians A Shot At Fertility

• British schoolchildren got to send four teddy bears into space for two hours and nine minutes on Monday as part of a project with Cambridge University's spaceflight student club. • A 38-year-old man in Ohio claims to have accidently shot his estranged wife (whom he has previously assaulted) after the couple had… »12/04/08 5:30pm12/04/08 5:30pm

Fake WASP Tory Burch Designs Collection "Inspired" By Fake WASP Martha Stewart

  • Tory Burch is designing a line inspired by old pictures of Martha Stewart, back from when Martha Stewart looked sort of like a pretty version of Tory Burch. [As I'm sure you can imagine, Jennie, who loves both WASPs and fashion-pop culture collabos like the proverbial fat kid loves cake, is in a corner somewhere…
  • »11/14/07 12:00pm11/14/07 12:00pm