Loopy TV-Lovers, Get Ready For 'Celebrity Wife Swap'

Holy shit, you guys: Tuesday nights are about to get bonkers. The couples partaking in the first-ever season of Celebrity Wife Swap have been announced, and the stars who have enlisted are like gold mine. A few of the participants may have been expected (at this point, what reality show hasn't Gary Busey been on?).… »12/02/11 4:30pm12/02/11 4:30pm


What Is A Christian Sex Comedy, And Why Is Ted Haggard Appearing In One?

What could make a low-budget comedy about abstinence even more awesome? Why, a creepy cameo by recovered prostitution customer Rev. Ted Haggard, that's what! We dare you to watch as Haggard stares into the lens after delivering his non-joke. If the movie's producers raise the $2 million they need to make a… »5/31/11 6:03pm5/31/11 6:03pm