TechCrunch Disrupt Kicks Off with "Titstare" App and Fake Masturbation

As a lovely followup to recent discussions of gender inclusivity in tech, here's the first presentation from the AOL-owned TechCrunch Disrupt 2013 startup conference: an app called Titstare, presented by two grinning Australian dudes, exactly as tasteless as it sounds. » 9/08/13 10:25pm 9/08/13 10:25pm

Did TechCrunch Discriminate Against A Pregnant Editor?

A prime job opens up, and the person who's discussed as an excellent choice happens to be on maternity leave for the next four months. She gets passed over. Is that legal? Well, it just happened at AOL and Techcrunch. » 9/23/11 2:30pm 9/23/11 2:30pm

Woman Defends Female Entrepreneurs, Gets Called C-Word For It

Michelle Greer, a web marketing strategist, made the mistake of commenting on Tech Crunch's article in response to the lack of females in tech. And she got reamed out. » 8/31/10 5:08pm 8/31/10 5:08pm

What Do "Where Are The Women" Shitstorms Achieve?

Can we have a conversation about change and diversity that doesn't devolve into defensiveness and namecalling by the people in charge? We'll tell you when it happens. The latest example concerns women in tech. But there's a silver lining. » 8/30/10 12:15pm 8/30/10 12:15pm