Auntie Anne Has More Secrets Where That Pretzel Recipe Came From...

Auntie Anne just wrote a memoir. Why the fuck would you want to read a book about the life of Auntie Anne? Well, see, she's a centimillionaire motorcycle enthusiast who grew up a Mennonite in Amish country. She met her husband through a youth group, and married as a teenager. Her second daughter was run over by a… »1/04/08 5:20pm1/04/08 5:20pm

The Israeli Doctor Who Saves Palestinians By Day, Kills Them At Night

Feel like crying about how much war sucks? How it places unspeakable demands on its soldiers and forces some of the human race's most selfless and righteous specimens to kill innocent people? How it achieves nothing save the perpetuation of pointless hatred? How some people thrust into it manage to remain good in… »11/26/07 10:00am11/26/07 10:00am