Supporters of Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment Prove They're Assholes With Incredibly Tacky Victory Party

Yesterday, North Carolina proved that it was, at least temporarily, the worse of the two Carolinas by passing Amendment 1, a provision that expressly bars marriage or civil unions between same-sex couples. What sort of hateful ass of a person would support such a measure? The type of person who would see nothing wrong… » 5/09/12 12:40pm 5/09/12 12:40pm

Celebrate Your Name Day with an Arya Stark Birthday Cake

Kids are growing up so fast these days. One minute they're messing around Winterfell and the next they're being thrown out of towers, betrothed to evil sociopaths or are stuck posing as a boy while on the lam from the King's Guard. Why not let them enjoy their name days while they still can with an awesome Game of… » 5/03/12 4:20pm 5/03/12 4:20pm