Australian Boarding School Covers Up 33 Years of Sexual Assault

Knox Grammar was once an elite boarding school in Sydney, Australia. Now, however, investigation into the school's history has revealed that teachers sexually assaulted students—and the school even honored a pedophile teacher with a plaque that read "he touched us all." » 2/24/15 5:50pm 2/24/15 5:50pm

Here's the State With the Highest Teacher to Student Sex Ratio

The holder of this dubious distinction will likely not surprise you, but, fortunately for one state in this fine union, it's not Florida this time. » 1/16/15 11:00am 1/16/15 11:00am

Middle School Teacher Understandably Fired for Putting Kids in Car Trunk

She meant well, but man oh man is stuffing 11 tweens in your Honda Accord by any means necessary an incredibly dumb thing to do. » 12/21/14 2:30pm 12/21/14 2:30pm

Students Give Male Instructors Better Evaluations, Says Science

New research suggests that when it comes to evaluating a teacher's skills, college students are naturally biased against women instructors. » 12/09/14 6:10pm 12/09/14 6:10pm

​LA School District Insisted 14-Year-Old Consented To Sex With Teacher

The Los Angeles Unified School District has received sharp and righteous criticism after arguing that a 14-year-old consented to having sex with her 28-year-old teacher and should bear some of the responsibility of her own sexual abuse. The district has since parted ways with their heinous trial attorney, but it's… » 11/15/14 12:00pm 11/15/14 12:00pm

Teacher Murders a Live Rabbit in Front of Students Because, Learning

A schoolteacher in Idaho snapped the neck of a rabbit and then proceeded to skin the body and cut in up in front of a class of 10th graders because it was time they grew the fuck up. » 11/14/14 6:50pm 11/14/14 6:50pm

Thousands Protest Catholic School's Firing of Pregnant Lesbian Teacher

An all-girls Catholic high school in Bloomfield, Michigan fired 9-year teaching veteran Barb Webb after Webb announced that she was pregnant. Better ask the Virgin Mary what she thinks about unmarried pregnant women. » 9/10/14 11:00am 9/10/14 11:00am

NYC Teachers Wear Shirts to Support Cops After Cop Murders Black Man

So hot right now: white people showing support for white cops who kill unarmed black people. The latest group to hop on this bandwagon is New York City public school teachers who, after expressly being told to refrain from wearing pro-cop shirts to the first days of school, are going to go ahead ahead and keep wearing… » 9/05/14 11:30am 9/05/14 11:30am

7th Grade Teacher Allegedly Has Cocaine Delivered to School

A Kentucky middle school teacher has been indicted on a felony charge of prohibited acts related to a controlled substance after being accused of having her drug dealer bring cocaine to her on school property. This is why you don't mix business and pleasure. Or schoolkids and hard drugs, whichever. » 8/30/14 4:04pm 8/30/14 4:04pm

Read the Emails: Elite L.A. Private Schools Warn of Teacher Sex Scandal

Two weeks ago, XO Jane published an essay by a woman who told of being sexually harassed in high school by a teacher who touched her and flirted with her. Now, the incident has become a full blown scandal at one of L.A.'s most prestigious private day schools. » 7/14/14 10:24am 7/14/14 10:24am

Student Uses White Out to 'Erase' Test Question She Can't Answer

One particularly daring student found a new loophole around hard test questions. Too bad for her this method stopped working decades ago. » 4/14/14 11:45am 4/14/14 11:45am

Teacher Gets Paid Leave After Calling 12-Year-Old Girl a 'Sassy Slut'

Teaching is a tough job. Kids are jerks, parents are jerks, there's little room for advancement, and in most parts of the country, teachers don't get paid enough. So you can't blame them for being short every once in awhile! » 4/10/14 4:30pm 4/10/14 4:30pm

Teacher Suspended From Public Texas School for Being Trans

A substitute teacher at a public intermediate school in Lumberton, Texas has reportedly been suspended for being transgender because of parent complaints. » 4/10/14 10:00am 4/10/14 10:00am

Teacher Out of Job After Taking Student to the ER and Footing the Bill

A teacher at Red Bank High School in Tennessee is out of a job for taking a student to an emergency room and paying for the visit. » 4/01/14 3:50pm 4/01/14 3:50pm

New Educational Standards Teach Kids That History Contained One Woman

New York State's Department of Education recently published the state's new, improved educational standards designed to guide the minds of The Next Generation into a great Sea Of Fact-Knowing so that they may Succeed in the World of Tomorrow (or, you know, in practical terms, the Shit They Will Be Tested On Before… » 3/24/14 1:50pm 3/24/14 1:50pm

Male Teacher Punishes Six-Year-Old Girl by Making Her Remove Her Shirt

It's time for your daily "WTF????" A teacher in Mesa, Arizona is facing a pile of charges after he reportedly forced a six-year-old to remove her shirt as a means of punishment, then made her sit naked from the waist up in class. » 1/20/14 10:25am 1/20/14 10:25am

The GZA Teaches High School Kids to Embrace Science

At New York's Park East High School, they're experimenting with new ways to teach students about science. How do you talk to kids? You rap to them! In this pilot program started by Dr. Chris Emdin of Columbia University's Teachers College, ninth graders are learning about the reproductive system by writing rhymes and… » 3/31/13 10:30pm 3/31/13 10:30pm