Teacher Gave Middle-Schooler a Lap Dance Because Students Urged Her To

A middle-schooler in Texas was violated when his teacher interrupted his third-period class to give him a full-contact lap dance at, she says, the urging of other students in the course. Because when kids say "give the birthday boy a lap dance," you listen. You don't want to be the one with the bad reviews on… » 4/26/14 6:30pm 4/26/14 6:30pm

A Woman Who Was Abused by Her Middle School Teacher Speaks

When she was 14, Jenny Kutner had an affair with her eighth grade teacher. At least, she calls it an affair, despite admitting that she understands in hindsight he abused her, in a beautifully written piece in Texas Monthly published this week that outlines the complexities of the victim narrative in stories of rape… » 12/06/13 6:15pm 12/06/13 6:15pm

Private School Teacher Fired for ‘Inappropriate’ Texting with Female…

A Philadelphia private school may have quite the legal mess on its hands after Arthur "Chuck" Matthews, a former math teacher at the school, filed a racial-discrimination suit claiming that he was fired from Springside Chestnut Hill Academy without cause. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Matthews was terminated… » 1/06/13 2:30pm 1/06/13 2:30pm

Students Asked to Brainstorm Business Plans for Selling African Slaves

Being a teacher must be hard. How do you get students invested in learning about important historical events like the history of the African slave trade? One teacher at a girls' school in London had an idea: ask kids to create a business plan for enslaving Africans without being wasteful. » 12/05/12 5:50pm 12/05/12 5:50pm

Teacher Posting Creepshots of High School Students to Reddit Rightfully…

So here's some good news about the ongoing battle over Reddit's Creepshots forum: it seems that the teacher who was posting photos of his underage students to the internet without their knowledge has been caught, and fired. And, to add insult to perv injury, he's been banned from Reddit. Even worse! But here's some… » 9/27/12 12:20pm 9/27/12 12:20pm

Charming Food Fetishist Teacher Harassed Girls Over the Internet

A former teacher at the quaintly-named Coatbridge College in Canada has finally been struck off the teacher registry after allegedly making improper sexual suggestions to female students via webcam. 37-year-old Gavin Bradford was said to have asked 20 girls (some as young as 12) to turn on their webcams while they… » 7/26/12 10:00am 7/26/12 10:00am

Teacher Idiotically Brags About Illegally Blocking an Atheist Student…

Imagine that you're a high school teacher who prioritizes your love for the baby Jesus over your legal responsibilities as an educator and thus, in the name of all that is holy, successfully stops an atheist group from forming on campus. Nice work! But you're not done. You're so pleased with yourself that you can't… » 7/16/12 4:40pm 7/16/12 4:40pm

World's Oldest Yoga Teacher Might Also Be World's Happiest Person

For a while, we thought that 91-year-old Bernice Bates of Florida was the world's oldest yoga instructor, but it turns out the Guinness Book of World Records has just given 93-year-old Tao Porchon-Lynch the official title. She's been teaching yoga for 61 years, and it has kept her in amazing shape. She loves doing it,… » 5/17/12 10:25am 5/17/12 10:25am

Catholic School Fires Teacher for Getting Sinful Fertility Treatments

For a faith seemingly hell-bent on supporting the creation of life whether a mother wants it or not, the Catholic Church's position on fertility treatments is confusing at best. But it turned out to be a particularly thorny issue for one teacher at a Catholic school in Fort Wayne, Indiana, who was fired after she… » 4/26/12 11:20am 4/26/12 11:20am

The Bible Says Teachers Don't Deserve Decent Salaries, According to One…

If you thought that God had never really given much thought to teacher's salaries, you'd be wrong. At least according to Shadrack McGill, a Republican state senator from Alabama. He spoke at a prayer breakfast recently where he passed along some very interesting wisdom from God regarding what teachers should be paid.… » 2/02/12 10:50pm 2/02/12 10:50pm

World's Oldest Yoga Teacher Is As Adorable As She Is Flexible

Forget trying to help this little old lady across the street: Bernice Bates, who's 91 years old, is probably more spry than you are. Guinness World Records has just awarded her the title of Oldest Yoga Teacher, and she teaches once a week at her retirement center in Florida. The great-grandmother may not actually be… » 12/22/11 7:50pm 12/22/11 7:50pm

Teacher Totally Ruins Christmas For Deluded 7-Year-Olds

Last week during a geography lesson at George W. Miller Elementary School in Nanuet, NY, children in Leatrice Ann Eng's class told her that they know about the North Pole because that's where Santa Claus lives. Deciding that it was high time the second-graders faced reality, Eng informed them that Santa isn't real and… » 12/05/11 11:30am 12/05/11 11:30am

School Official Pretends To Remove Woman's Bra During Meeting

A school committee chairman in Abington, Massachusetts — let's just call him Michael Scott — likes to open meetings with a magic trick, but now he's in trouble for a mildly risqué prank. Without consulting them beforehand, he had school committee member Ellen Killian and teacher Steven Shannon participate in trick… » 9/29/11 10:43pm 9/29/11 10:43pm