Michele Bachmann Told She Can No Longer Sit at Cool Republicans' Lunch Table

Michele Bachmann and America have had some pretty sexy times together. Remember when Michele Bachmann was running for President and she won the Iowa Straw Poll and everyone freaked out for a haysecond before they realized that she's about 8 players short of a baseball lineup, brain-wise? Remember how she gave that… »7/19/12 7:00pm7/19/12 7:00pm


Conservative Mississippi Governor Claims America Agrees With Tea Party Agenda

Yes, Hayley Barbour. America agrees that we need to crack down on immigration of brown people but force pregnant ladies to give birth whether they want to or not. America agrees that the President is a secret Kenyan Muslim jihadist, and Americans believe that the route to economic recovery is by just giving… »2/12/11 11:15am2/12/11 11:15am