Taylor Swift's Fourth of July Was (Probably) Better Than Yours 

Taylor Swift, the patron saint of girl squads and well-curated Instagrams, had a Fourth of July celebration worthy of a Vogue spread. Swift gathered her famous friends, a professional photographer (likely) and a seemingly endless supply of American flag accessories to produce the world’s most perfect, most Swift-like… » 7/05/15 10:35am Yesterday 10:35am

Karlie Kloss Was the Fifth Wheel On Taylor Swift's Double Date

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris went on a double date with Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid this weekend, and Karlie Kloss was the fifth wheel. The fivesome spent part of the date (or maybe all of it?) on a boat that sailed down the Thames, where Karlie and Taylor presumably talked about other boys and screamed and laughed the… » 6/29/15 9:50am 6/29/15 9:50am

David Crosby: Joni Mitchell Had an Aneurysm, 'Is Not Speaking'

During an interview with HuffPost Live, David Crosby said that Joni Mitchell has suffered an aneurysm and, to his knowledge, has lost her ability to speak. “She took a terrible hit. She had an aneurysm, and nobody found her for a while,” Crosby said. “And she’s going to have to struggle back from it the way you… » 6/27/15 10:30am 6/27/15 10:30am

Is Lena Dunham Getting Married In Solidarity With Gay People?

Lena Dunham made a promise that she would not get hitched until marriage equality was achieved in the US. And after today’s historic Supreme Court decision allowing that gay marriage is protected by the constitution, Dunham posted a total People mag-baiting Tweet at her boyfriend, Jack Antonoff: » 6/26/15 6:50pm 6/26/15 6:50pm

Photographer Calls Out Taylor Swift For Being a Hypocrite

Taylor Swift’s gotten a lot of positive press this week for getting Apple to very quickly agree to pay artists for the free period of their new streaming service, Apple Music. But one photographer is pushing back at Swift, pointing out that if she’s so interested in making sure musicians are fairly compensated for… » 6/23/15 11:45am 6/23/15 11:45am

Emilia Clarke on Jason Momoa's Sock: 'It's Huge and It's Pink' 

Emilia Clarke, Mother of Dragons, discussed filming Games of Thrones sex scenes with Graham Norton. During the first season, Clarked laughed through all of her scene with Jason Momoa who chose to wear a pink fluffy sock instead of the standard issue modesty sock. “It’s huge, and it’s pink, and I don’t know what to… » 6/21/15 10:35am 6/21/15 10:35am

Taylor Swift Tells Tabloid Why 'We Need Feminism in 2015'

In between making hit songs, the rumored feuds with fellow pop stars and gallivanting with her army of best friends, Taylor Swift somehow makes the time to show love to her fans. She sends them care packages, has donated money to a heroic firefighter and most recently, helped one couple with their pregnancy… » 6/20/15 5:35pm 6/20/15 5:35pm

Amy Schumer Leaves Long Island Waiter a Massive Tip 

Beloved lady comedian Amy Schumer recently set out to eat some clams in Long Island and found herself at Peter’s Clam Bar. According to Page Six, Schumer got into an “engaging, animated conversation with her server, Ryan.” Ryan, it seems, isn’t just your average clam server; no, he is a college student as well. A… » 6/14/15 10:30am 6/14/15 10:30am

Katy Perry’s ‘1984’ Taylor Swift Revenge Track Rumor Is False

Recent news of Katy Perry registering a song titled “1984” that caused speculation of it being the next move in her rumored ongoing feud with Taylor Swift is apparently untrue. Though the track’s listing on BMI still shows Perry as the artist, her managers have confirmed that she has no involvement with the song. A… » 6/09/15 8:50pm 6/09/15 8:50pm