There's Nothing Embarrassing About Obsessing Over Taylor Swift & Kim Kardashian's Public Feud

It was Roman poet Juvenal who first said, “Two things only the people anxiously desire—bread and circuses” as a criticism of the layman’s priority for fun and food over more pressing intellectual and political pursuits. Take the phrase and make it carb-free (green juice and circuses?) and you have an encapsulation of…

Tinashe Drops Tracks, Is Maybe Dating Calvin Harris. What Now, New World?

In the past 22 hours, we have emerged from Plato’s demonic cave only to discover that our true reality is constructed by schemers and scammers, and public relations specialists have established their primacy as our shadow government. Adding to the Calgon bath of tea in which we’re currently soaking to the point of…

A Brief History of Celebrities Using the Notes App to Share Their Thoughts With the World

In this hyperconnected celebrity age, every snapchat becomes a news story, and starting a feud is as easy as tweeting a single snake emoji. Comments and clarifications don’t need to be sought out by journalists or fed through publicists, they can be delivered instantly to millions immediately after being written out…


This Clip of Kim Kardashian Discussing Calling Taylor Swift a Liar Seems Curiously Edited

One of the most reliably fun aspects of E!’s long-running reality behemoth Keeping Up With the Kardashians is that the plot lines often provide an alternate perspective (scripted or outlined though it may be) to stories about the family that we heard months—or in some cases, just weeks—before. It’s the family’s way of