Here's What Happens When a Taylor Kitsch Fan Profiles Him In Elle 

Taylor Swift, the biggest pop star on the planet, was recently interviewed by Maxim. The piece was short, but allowed a brief moment for its writer to unleash her inner stan and ask if they could be be best friends. Swift responded with a laugh, and the interview went back to business. But what if it hadn’t? »6/19/15 7:15pm6/19/15 7:15pm

Just Like You, Parenthood's Mae Whitman Spends Every Night Dreaming of Tim Riggins

Remember how you marathoned all those episodes of Friday Night Lights awhile back and became a little obsessed with Tim Riggins? And maybe — just maybe — that obsession began to take over all of your waking and sleeping moments? Well, Parenthood's Mae Whitman can certainly relate (stars are just like us). Turns out… »11/19/12 10:40am11/19/12 10:40am

Connie Britton Closes Her Eyes During Taylor Kitsch's Sex Scenes

As glorious-maned dream mom Tami Taylor I mean, Connie Britton, gets ready to play a country music doyenne in the new ABC drama Nashville, Vulture asked her some questions about the Friday Night Lights (script is written but schedules haven't aligned) and her concerns about having sex with a rubber dude on American… »7/28/12 2:30pm7/28/12 2:30pm

Everybody Breathe Easy — RPatz Definitely Won’t Be Ruining Finnick

After the racial brouhaha that surrounded a Hunger Games fan's Tumblr site calling for Jesse Williams to play Finnick, every bigoted fan of the Suzanne Collins trilogy seemed to become a bigtime casting director overnight, suggesting, with varied levels or ardency, Finnicks from across the pallette of tan or tannable… »5/27/12 5:30pm5/27/12 5:30pm