Secret Video Reveals that Mitt Romney Actually Hates You

You guys: Mitt Romney's kind of an asshole. During a fancy schmancy meeting of donors, the Presidential candidate finally let that fear grimace/wince/blink facial expression fall and revealed his true face: angry, jaw-droppingly oblivious rich prick who honestly does not give two shits about the 47% of Americans who… »9/17/12 5:45pm9/17/12 5:45pm


Determined to Eliminate Tote Bags, GOP Proposes Cutting Funding to NPR, PBS, & Planned Parenthood

There's no money for frivolities like education and public health when we have expensive explodable toys to think about. At least, that's the ethos behind House Republicans' newly proposed budget, which would eliminate funding for National Public Radio, PBS, Planned Parenthood, Americorps, and kittens. At this rate,… »7/19/12 3:50pm7/19/12 3:50pm