Oprah: Tatum O'Neal Finally Makes Peace With Farrah Fawcett

Academy Award-winning actress Tatum O'Neal was on Oprah »9/15/08 3:40pm9/15/08 3:40pm on Friday to discuss her cocaine bust from a few months back, when she tried to cop drugs on the streets of the Lower East Side of NYC. It was confusing to a lot of people, why someone with her kind of money, would be on streets buying drugs from strangers…

Paging Jeremiah Wright: There's A White Guy Stealing Your Show!!!

And in the end, it was a white Catholic guy who drove Barack Obama to quit his radical, black Muslim separatist Church of Latter-Day Erstwhile Standup Comedians. Anyway, meet Father Michael Pfleger. He doesn't even preach at Trinity Church, he's just a regular on their "You Can't Do That On The Vatican" open mic… »6/02/08 10:00am6/02/08 10:00am