Kelly Osbourne Got A Tattoo On the Side of Her Head

Kelly Osbourne, who has been killing it with that lavender mohawk, went under the needle and got some ink done—on the side of her head. The tattoo is very basic (not like basic bitches, normal basic), featuring only text that reads "Stories…" Still, who the hell knows what "Stories..." could possibly mean? » 6/29/14 5:07pm 6/29/14 5:07pm

Your Cool Tattoo Makes You Unique, Just Like Everybody Else

It's been decades since having a tattoo meant you were a member of a dangerous prison, biker, or circus gang, and thank goodness. Because if tattoos were still obtained nearly exclusively by filthy sailors or social deviants, that would mean that three-quarters of people between 18 and 40 were inclined to commit… » 2/21/14 4:30pm 2/21/14 4:30pm

Meet the First Miss America Contestant to Reveal Her Tattoos

Much to the chagrin of the not-bra burning feminists of the 1960s, the Miss America beauty pageant scholarship fund started up its week of deliberations Tuesday evening in preparation for the final crowning on Sunday. And during last night's Lifestyle & Fitness in Swimsuit preliminary, Miss Kansas – whose real name… » 9/11/13 11:20am 9/11/13 11:20am

Marine-Turned-Underwear Heartthrob Propositioned on The Tonight Show

Alex Minsky — the Marine-turned-underwear model we sorta have a crush on — was pretty charming on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night, though clearly very nervous and fidgety (his mom was in the audience and he kept looking to her!). Leno asked him how he got sober and Minksy said, "I don't know. It wasn't my… » 6/27/13 10:30am 6/27/13 10:30am

Maybe Temporarily Tattooing Your Attention-Starved Dog Isn’t the Worst…

How often do you play with your dog? Be honest, now — in our modern age of gadgets and gizmos aplenty, whosits and whatsits galore, who really has the time or patience to teach a dog the finer points of fetch, or even drag it unwillingly around a noisy city block as if it was a debtor being taken to Jabba the Hutt to… » 4/29/13 9:15pm 4/29/13 9:15pm