​2500 Year-Old Tattooed Siberian Mummy Had Breast Cancer, Used Marijuana

In 1993, Russian scientist Natalia Polosmak discovered the remains of a 25-year-old woman covered in tattoos who came to be known as the Ukok Princess. Now, an MRI has revealed that the young woman was suffering from breast cancer as well as a bone marrow infection at the time of her death, and scientists have stated… » 10/18/14 5:59pm 10/18/14 5:59pm

Dolly Parton's Boobs and Arms Are Covered in Secret Tattoos

Can you remember the last time you saw Dolly Parton wear a sleeveless dress or strapless gown? It's been decades. That's because the country singer is covered in tattoos, which she's been weirdly secretive about. But we found some photographic evidence! » 5/09/14 4:30pm 5/09/14 4:30pm

Justin Bieber's Tattoos Documented by the Miami PD: A Visual Analysis

The Miami Beach Police Department has released images documenting all of Justin Bieber's tattoos — taken when he was in custody on January 23. What are these mysterious symbols and what do they all mean? Within, a primer. » 3/05/14 12:20pm 3/05/14 12:20pm

Alec Baldwin Weds Hilaria Thomas Without Further Incident

Alec Baldwin married 28-year-old yoga instructor Hilaria Thompson in a New York City church today, and nothing was wrong unless you count the presence of Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn. Here's hoping Baldwin's new wife will lead him in a few sun salutations every morning to stop him from buying a one-way ticket to The… » 7/01/12 11:30am 7/01/12 11:30am

Government Workers in Osaka Forced to Admit If They Have Tattoos

You probably don't have a problem with visible tattoos on people working — whether it be a dolphin on the ankle of the check-out lady at the grocery store or some retro-sailor ink on a cute bartender. But in Osaka, Japan's third-largest city, tattoos are not welcome in the workplace… especially if you're a city… » 6/26/12 1:40pm 6/26/12 1:40pm

To Quicken the Demise of Humanity, Try Giving Your Dog a Temporary…

People are pretty awful, but pets are so great, right? They have fur to keep them warm and make them extra cuddly. They have those sweet little faces and charming personalities to make us fall in love with them and keep feeding them. And they, for reasons which have never been less clear, love us unconditionally, no… » 5/07/12 10:25am 5/07/12 10:25am

Vibrating Tattoos for the Mind-Bogglingly Lazy

If you thought the constant wearing of Bluetooth headsets was bad, just wait until we all have vibrating tattoos. That totally sounds like a made up product that some company tries to sell you on April Fool's Day, but it's actually a real thing that Nokia just patented that will allow you to connect wirelessly to your… » 3/21/12 10:00am 3/21/12 10:00am

Total Jackass Gives His Cat a Tattoo

People do a lot of stupid things to themselves, and it's not generally a problem. But when they start doing things to pets, it becomes awful very quickly. Witness this poor cat with a tattoo. Apparently pet tattooing has become a trend in Russia's Republic of Tatarstan, where the owner, a 24-year-old tattoo artist,… » 2/16/12 9:30am 2/16/12 9:30am

I Hate My Tramp Stamp

In April of 2005, two months after my 18th birthday, I walked into a tattoo parlor in central Italy armed with 80 Euros and a sketch drawn on lined notebook paper. This was a remarkably lonely time for me — I was living as an exchange student in a country where I barely spoke the language, staying in a town where… » 2/03/12 3:55pm 2/03/12 3:55pm

Dude Plagued with Permanent Boner from Penis Tattoo

After a 21-year-old Iranian man had Persian script reading "good luck on your journeys" and the first initial of his girlfriend's last name tattooed onto his peen he was left with a permanent semi, according to the most recent Journal of Sexual Medicine. Doctors explain that the traditional handheld needle that was… » 1/06/12 7:15pm 1/06/12 7:15pm

Tattoo Whisperer Amber Rose's Advice For Lovers

In an interview for Inked magazine, a fan asked Amber Rose, "What are your thoughts on couples showing their love for each other through ink?" She answered: "Wiz and I did it, but we want to be together forever. So I guess really make sure you want to be with that person forever, and try to wait until you're older,… » 10/31/11 2:45pm 10/31/11 2:45pm

Kreayshawn Might Be A Tattoo Artist Someday

Quoth the rapper/editor/filmmaker/"creative artist" who has 23 tattoos: "You know how artists are: They don't like their own shit. I don't like to draw my own tattoos. I did the whole outline for the bow on my chest myself, and it was so fucked up because I was tattooing myself in the mirror. But I got it fixed so it… » 9/01/11 3:10pm 9/01/11 3:10pm

Megan Fox Removes Marilyn Monroe Tattoo, Says It Brings "Negative…

In the latest issue of the Italian magazine Amica, Megan Fox confirms that she's having Marilyn Monroe's face removed from her forearm. She explains: » 8/22/11 10:21pm 8/22/11 10:21pm

Non-White Lady To Marry Dude With White Supremacist Tattoos

Erica Herrera recently appeared on TV defending her fiancé. "He's a really kind-hearted, good person," Herrera told Salt Lake City's KTVX-TV. On August 8, Herrera plans to marry Curtis Allgier, despite the fact that he stands accused of killing a corrections officer. And despite the fact that Allgier's face is covered… » 7/28/11 6:35pm 7/28/11 6:35pm

Ne'er-Do-Wells Turn Royal Ascot Into Embarrassing Abomination

In what may be the very best article the Daily Mail has ever published, Rebecca Evans drops her monocle into her cup of Earl Grey tea as she reports that there was a scuffle at the Royal Ascot — the Queen's favourite racing event, which is celebrating its 300th year. » 6/17/11 2:33pm 6/17/11 2:33pm

Ke$ha Inexplicably Tattoos A Fan

"Seriously, like, the way you like, just live your life, just have fun, just do whatever you want, this tattoo is going to mean so much to me." Without a doubt. » 3/04/11 11:19am 3/04/11 11:19am