Man Uses Google Earth to Find His Long Lost Mother

As annoying as Google may sometimes be—yes, I mentioned my dog snoring in an email, but that does not mean all of the ads I see for the next three years should assume I have sleep apnea!—there are many things it's given us that are extremely cool. One of those things is Google Earth, which is awesome in its own right… »4/15/12 11:55pm4/15/12 11:55pm

Woman Gives Birth Under Her Christmas Tree On Christmas Day

A woman in Tasmania was wrapping presents by her Christmas tree when she got a very special surprise gift: a baby girl! She went into labor on Christmas Eve, of all times, and by the time the ambulance arrived she was too far along to be taken to the hospital. So she had the baby right there under the tree! Her… »12/26/11 6:15pm12/26/11 6:15pm