Dad Flips Out Over Daughter’s Dress Code Violation, So Cops Tase Him

Back-to-school time can be stressful for everyone, but it became especially stressful for one Greenfield, Ind. high school student when her father, irate over an issue with her school’s dress code, got into an argument with school administrators that ended with him being Tased. Thanks, Dad, for ruining high school. »9/07/13 6:00pm9/07/13 6:00pm


Terrible Cops Tase a Pregnant Woman Three Times for Speeding

Have you ever thought about how many times it would be acceptable for a police officer to use a taser on a pregnant woman? Probably not, because doing it even once sounds totally insane! And yet the Supreme Court is currently deciding whether to hear a case that involves a very pregnant woman who was tased not once… »5/16/12 11:55pm5/16/12 11:55pm