Photoshopped Target Model Goes on Ellen With Mysteriously Long Arms

While much was made of the bizarre missing parts sported by a model on Target's website recently, less attention was paid to her very long arms. Now model Tanya Marie Keller has set the record straight: that's just the way her arms are. Sure, it's a little awkward, but who doesn't have weird things happening with… » 4/02/14 12:40pm 4/02/14 12:40pm

Target Calls Swimsuit Photoshop 'An Unfortunate Error'

Though they've revealed no further details about why a Junior's model featured on their website was bizarrely and shoddily photoshopped, Target told BuzzFeed that they're sorry about it. "This was an unfortunate error on our part and we apologize. We have removed the image from our website," they said in an email. » 3/11/14 2:30pm 3/11/14 2:30pm

The Mysterious Disappearance of Target's Plus Size Section, Explained

Target hasn't had the very best 12 months, customer relations-wise. Back in November, a massive data breach left millions of customers vulnerable to the ass-ache of credit card theft. And in recent weeks, stirrings online suggest that across the country, the store's plus size departments are quietly disappearing. When… » 3/03/14 1:30pm 3/03/14 1:30pm

Nervous Shoppers Ditching Cards for Cash at Target and Other Stores

Guys, I desperately need to hit Target for a shopping run and I am seriously considering paying for everything like Wu-Tang — cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M. And I’m not the only one. After the holiday hacks of big retailers last year, some consumers are ditching their debit and credit cards in favor of… » 2/03/14 5:00pm 2/03/14 5:00pm

Target Credit Card Database Hacked; Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Presents

On Thursday, Target announced that a credit and debit card security breach has affected more than 40 million of their customers. Online hackers broke into the retailer's database the day before Thanksgiving and squirreled around in there until Dec. 15, reports the New York Times. Then the retail giant's officials said… » 12/19/13 10:00am 12/19/13 10:00am

What the Hell Did Target Do to Its Website?

Thanksgiving is next week, which means we're barreling toward the time of the year when nationwide productivity falls off a cliff as everyone with a desk job starts cruising online sales all day, every day. Just in time for this influx of shoppers, AdWeek reports, Target has redesigned its website, and boy oh boy is… » 11/22/13 4:00pm 11/22/13 4:00pm

Your Favorite Stores Aren't Signing the Bangladesh Safety Act

Labor groups urged massive clothing retailers including Gap and Wal-Mart to sign an international pact this week that would solidify safety standards and send a clear message that big brand names won't allow another easily preventable tragedy like last month's factory collapse in Bangladesh, which killed over 1,000… » 5/17/13 11:45am 5/17/13 11:45am

New Gender Normative Target Ads Feature Ejaculating Cake Mix and Oatmeal

Target's new series of domestic labor ads all go something like this: a glowering model runwalks on screen wearing high-waisted (white) shorts, a white t-shirt, and white high heels, because it is obviously the future and everyone has adopted the standard THX 1138 monochromatic wardrobe in order to dress more… » 1/19/13 2:00pm 1/19/13 2:00pm

Pizza Hut Hawks Unholy Pizza-Scented Fragrance

Pizza Hut is releasing a perfume. Seriously. But if it seems like a joke, it's because that's how this all started. In an effort to get people talking about the pizza chain, an advertising agency that works with its Canadian branch posted on Facebook, "Do you love the smell of a box of Pizza Hut pizza being opened? We… » 12/05/12 4:40pm 12/05/12 4:40pm