Unironic Conservative Male 'Activists' Are Seeking Access to Women's Bathrooms in Target Stores 

Over one million people have signed an online petition calling for a boycott of Target stores after the chain announced it would allow people to use the restroom corresponding with their gender identity. The petition, organized by the evangelical American Family Association, notes that in order for men to gain entry…

Target's Only Male Plus-Size Model Says His Wife Gave Him the Confidence to Take the Job

Scattered among rumors about Hollywood’s A through D-listers on People’s “News” section are human interest stories that I generally avoid. Today there was a headline about sisters meeting each other for the first time at 9 and 10 years old (too boring), some dog who found a home after losing an eye (too sad), and a…


I Tried on Target's New Plus Size Line So You Don't Have To

Meh. That's what I give Target's new AVA+VIV plus-size collection. To me the new AVA + VIV line is just more of the same of what I've come to expect of plus-size clothing. For the most part designers seem to think that all we plus-size ladies deserve is basics and that we should be happy to even get anything. A video