Hilariously Terrible Brad Pitt Chanel No. 5 Ad Gets the SNL Treatment It Deserves

If anything deserves a good mocking, it's Brad Pitt's new Chanel No. 5 ad, in which the actor rambles, "It's not a journey. Every journey ends. We go on. The world turns and we turn with it. Plans disappear. Dreams take over. But wherever I go, there you are: My luck. My Fate. My Fortune. Chanel No.5, Inevitable."… »10/22/12 12:10pm10/22/12 12:10pm

SNL's Taran Killam on his 'Call Your Girlfriend' Video: 'I'm a Robyn Lover'

With Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis going off to greener pastures, Taran Killam (who recently married How I Met Your Mother's Cobie Smulders) is looking primed and ready to take his place as a Saturday Night Live key player. His increased presence is certainly a welcomed one, especially after a video of Killam… »9/11/12 6:25pm9/11/12 6:25pm

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Secretly Got Married in a Cotton Field

My Size Barbie and Ken Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds put on the My Wedding Dream Clothes™ that came in the box with them and stealthily got married on a plantation in South Carolina yesterday. Their friend Bell Sleeves Florence Welch was there to sing in honor of their love, and so—more importantly!—was Hollywood's… »9/10/12 9:00am9/10/12 9:00am