Conservative Super-PAC Interns Star in Hillary Clinton Panda Sex Tape

It's been a rough few months for prominent tea party super-PAC FreedomWorks; president Matt Kibbe is currently under investigation for allegedly using the advocacy group's resources to promote his own book, amongst various other shady activities. » 2/14/13 12:10pm 2/14/13 12:10pm

Jennifer Aniston's "Sex Tape" Viral Video Parody

A video titled "Jen Aniston Sex Tape" has been going around the internet today, but fortunately the anonymous sources that seem to live in Jen's underwear drawer haven't posted footage of her bedroom activities. It's actually a SmartWater ad that spoofs viral video staples, including puppies, dancing babies, and… » 3/08/11 12:21am 3/08/11 12:21am

House Of Yes

A new line of "Audible Modern Vanguard" classic books will be recorded by a series of well-known actors and writers, with commentary by the narrator. So, how do you feel about Parker Posey reading The Feminine Mystique? [Yahoo] » 8/13/09 6:20pm 8/13/09 6:20pm